The Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead” was by far the most gut wrenching and the most awaited season premieres of all those have happened in 2016. Though many were looking forward to the first episode, unexpectedly the premiere has had mixed reviews.

Let us have look at the top 5 things that went wrong in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere

1. Negan as an antagonist falls flat

It wouldn’t have mattered so much if anything else but Negan’s character went wrong. Negan’s character with an aim to become the most and the worst villains of all times has ended up becoming a cartoon like villain, he doesn’t feel like a real life villain and that is the season’s biggest problem.

If you look at the past villains like the Governor you will notice that though he was a bad guy and he did everything sinister, he still was human. Negan is exactly the opposite, he doesn’t feel human, Negan seems to be a man with a bat in power with a lot of followers who believe he is the most savage power around.

2. Over the top violence

We get the point that “The Walking Dead” is a zombie based show and that constant conflicts between humans and zombies will result into extreme levels of violence but overdoing things results in nothing good, it only goes on to distant the characters from the audience and loosen the connect. Gory details are not always necessary and at times it is the biggest disconnect in Season 7.

3. Season 6 finale or Season 7 premiere?

The last episode of Season 6 left a lot of open ends and made the audience wait for a whole six months before the Season 7 premiered and revealed who actually died in the Season 6 last episode trick. So the major thing that went wrong for Season 7 was that the premiere felt more like a finale where the loose ends of Season 6 were resolved where in reality a season premiere starts the new plotrolling.

4. Inconsistent and poor writing

One doesn’t expect a sinister antagonist say the words “Eeny meeny miny meo”, it feels childish and cartoon like. Not only were some dialogues out of place but the monologues were not hard hitting enough. A lot of reasoning was left out like the reason behind Daryl losing his cool was never shown, reason behind Daryl not being killed even after everyone knowing the fact that he punched Negan too was left unresolved.

5. Glenn deserved a better death

“The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere would have felt much better if Glenn had a better death scene. A character like Glenn dying without any screen time given to him before his death made his death even more absurd.

Though the season premiere was full of flaws, we hope that the episodes ahead change the perception and the season turns out to be great like all the earlier ones.