Episode one of the much-anticipated series Planet Earth Two voiced by the beloved Sir David Attenborough airs tonight on BBC One tonight at 10PM GMT. The first installment will feature the Galapagos Islands, famously known for Darwin’s exploration, cataloging and comparison of native birds where he produced his theory of natural selection. Attenborough on the other hand will be providing in-depth coverage of the young marine iguana’s escape from the onslaught of ferocious racer snakes; following their journey from the sands they are born to the seemingly distant sea.

The perilous fight for survival against the onslaught of snakes will indubitably capture our hearts as David has done countless times in the past.


The rare and seldom seen pygmy tree-toed sloth will make its grand appearance, showcasing their adept ability to climb and relax on this isolated Caribbean island. This is an island that provides a predator-free habitat for nesting albatrosses in this ideal, carefree paradise. We will then be transported to the remote sub-Antarctic island of Zavodovski where extreme conditions challenge around half a million penguins, their group facing annihilation from the relentless waves that will hurdle them towards rocks in an intense battle of survival.


David Attenborough never ceases to enthrall any and all who watch his documentaries, providing the pinnacle of entertainment and encapsulation with his solid narration and flawless camerawork of the brave camera operators that risk their lives to provide us with such a spectacle. It is indeed a spectacle to behold, an insight into a rarely seen world that is happening all around us that the conditions of such an environment would render impossible without training and a crew to witness.


Further details are provided on the BBC website on what it really takes to become a part of the film crew that risks their lives to provide us with this amazing insight. I am eagerly anticipating the first episode of this series having been a fan of the original Planet Earth.