Executive producer reveals why much-loved character had to die

The Walking Deadhas never stayed away from the hard hitting,emotional, and often gross moments. It has shown us many death scenes in the past that have had us hardcore Walking Dead fans shedding a tear or two.

Honourable death mentions

We of course mention Merle and the scene where Daryll had to stab his own brother when he turned into a zombie, Rick's wife Lori who died during childbirth, not to mention her son Carl was the one to dispatch her before she became a walker and made them all lunch.

Then their was Hershal, who was savagely killed by the Governor (well played by David Morrissey, I might add.)

None however compare to what was witnessed in the opening of season 7.

The death first of Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz. As he threw up the last peace sign- yes I missed that bit first time too- to Sascha, Negan's bat 'Lucille' came down on his head. This would have been enough to shock the fan base in itself, but the worst was still to come.

We guessed Negan- played remarkably by Jeffrey Dean Morgan- was a real piece of work, but his next victim of his barbed wire baseball bat named 'Lucille' would send shockwaves through the world of The Walking Dead.

As Glenn, played by Stephen Yeun would be the next to bite the dust.

As Negan's bat rained down again and again, fans not only lost a character but any hope of seeing Glenn become a zombie too. Without a head that's just not going to happen. With Glenn's last words to his beloved and pregnant Maggie of, " i will find you Maggie" fans were left asking one question. Why?

Kirkman explains

He said, " There is a lot of material that comes from Glenn's death in the comics, and while we do try to change things up to keep the audience interested, there is so much that comes from the whole Rick and Negan situation.

Also Maggie gets affected and put on a trajectory that affects a great number of characters and stories, so it was essential that unfortunately that part remained the same."

It is said however that the shows producers did consider killing off another character but stating " Its like pulling a strand of wool from a jumper, the whole show would unravel without his death."

However there has been some footage going around the internet suggesting that the pregnant Maggie was the target first, however some are questioning that this may be fan made instead.

Lets face it The Walking Dead like to shock us but a pregnant women might be a bit much surely?

Even the comic book fans who knew this might be coming the scenes still shocked the world, with the level of brutality and heartbreak it was truly a wince inducing moment, but as it seems a necessary one.

Upcoming episode

If you have seen the trailer for the next episode you will know its going to concentrate on Carole and Morgan who explore 'The Kingdom', which we know only one thing about it, which is, it appears to be run by a big guy who has a pet tiger! Sounds awesome.