With Season 7 fast approaching, in fact the count down being now on just 3 days since airing on October 23rd!! I know for an absolute fact I am not the only one who is so incredibly excited about this new season starting.

Now beside the obvious that is inevitably going to happen, the dreaded death scene, there must be many more people besides myself that is actually incredibly excited too see where this season is actually going to go? Especially since just a few days ago it was confirmed by AMC that they have already, without even airing season 7, been accepted for season 8 which is actually amazing and has no doubt pleased the many millions of fans that support the show.

Where is Season 7 of TWD going to go?

With clips and pictures having circulated the internet for some time now there has been one character in particular that caught my eye a lot! This is the new Leader of a community called The Kingdom, Ezekiel. Being played by Khary Payton I am incredibly interested to see how this character fits in with the season and what he is really all about? Is he good? Does he mean well? Or is he another person out to try and hurt Rick and his group of trusty friends? So many questions, excitement and nerves all paired with the anxious waiting of another 72 hours.. I'm not actually too sure I can cope! Also Ezekiel has a particularly extravagant animal besides him, his "right hand man", a Tiger?!

I mean what the heck?! How exciting.

Now, to the one thing everyone is without a doubt worried and so anxious to find out about. Who did Negan kill? Who did Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) decide to bash to an absolute pulp with his trusty companion the Lucille Bat. Everyone who adores the show has been absolutely astonished and left speechless by the recent release of a 3 and a half minute clip that went up online of a sneak peek of the 1st episode in season 7.

If you haven't seen it watch it first over on youtube!

Negan and the dreaded Lucille

Now after this I was left so incredibly shocked its unreal. Not only was I completely grossed out and taken aback by the dead battered person at the end, I was now also fearing for the life of Rick. What was going to happen to Rick?! There have been many speculations about what could be happening, but a lot of people think that perhaps the show was going to incorporate what happened in the comic with Rick and the Governor, Rick will lose his hand just at the horrible hands of Negan.

This is then also something that could tie in with the opening if they stuck to who really dies in the comics, Glenn (played by Steven Yeun). I'm throwing this speculation however completely out because I do not think this is the direction the producers are going to go in. In my eyes, Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) will be the unfortunate victim and there are many things that point to this, a particular Twitter Post I saw pointed out a lot of them to back up my upset and speculation:

Now, in my eyes, if this isn't confirmation enough I don't know what is. But this makes me so incredibly sad for the cast and her husband on the show who is Glenn.

This whole scenario makes me so sad for I really thought the show had some type of normality in it what with a strong lasting couple within it. It's just too nerve wrecking to think about who it's going to be and how this is going to go

What are you're views? Who do you think gets the "bat"? And what's your takes on how the season could go?

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