The seventh season of the Walking Dead aired and shocked millions of fans, as they did not know who Negan had killed in the last episode. When the first episode of the seventh season finally aired, everyone was more impacted upon learning that Negan had not only killed one of the main characters, but two who were familiar faces of the zombies series-redhead Abraham (Michael Cudliz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun).

Lucille bat to beat zombies, but also humans

In the premier of season seven, Abraham was struck in the head by Negan with the famous Lucille bat- baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, which Negan uses to intimidate and eliminate from the face of the earth all enemies he encounters, including Zombies.

What made this move so unexpected is that no one imagined that either of these two characters, who have formed part of the cast for most of the seasons, Abraham since the fourth season or Glen since the first one, would be removed from the scene.

A violent human start

The horror TV series which include a background landscape filled with Zombies which come from everywhere now has given place to violence committed by unscrupulous cruel humans, having as its main character in Negan-Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a tyrannical leader of the Saviors and whom is going to play the antagonist in the present season. The fans would expect the suspense to impregnate the following 16 episodes which are going to be complemented by a new character Ezequiel and his tiger Shiva taken out of the Sanctuary and the Kingdom.

7 season spoilers king Ezekial

It was rumored that actor Harold Perrineau would play the role of King Ezekiel-leader of the Kingdom, but it wasn´t confirmed. The rumors spread by his fans after they noticed that the actor had followed Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead series, on twitter. Another source cites Khary Payton as the leader of the Kingdom-a school enclosed by buses and metal sheets, which provide a safe place for its inhabitants.

Ezekiel and his pet Tiger Shiva will make their debut on the next episode of the Walking Dead- The well, next Sunday October 30th.

New lead characters-Negan and Ezekiel

This year´s season of the Walking Dead will broaden the scope of settings and post-apocalyptic world of the Zombies series, with new characters and antagonists, including Negan and Ezequiel whom we could expect will drive much of the action and suspense in each and every episode.

The development of events and the unanticipated uncertainties that have kept the viewer’s hanging by a thread should pervade in the next episodes, so as to maintain the spectator’s engaged.

The next episode of The Walking Dead-The Well, is planned to be released next Sunday October 30th.