On the first episode of Rob & Chyna, the pair are seen together during a pregnancy scan.

The couple agreed to find out the gender of the Baby, before Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob nervously heldhis fiancee’s hand before the announcement.“I’m pretty nervous. I’m excited,” the 29 year old said before adding: “I really want a boy.”

Rob, it’s a girl!

The doctor then announces that they’re expecting a baby girl, before Chyna excitedly says: “Rob, it’s a girl!”. “Oh, that’s crazy,” he responds.Rob had previously admitted that he wanted a baby boy.During the show Rob explained that he had hoped to have a boy while opening up about his close relationship with his late father, Robert Kardashian.

When the doctor asked the couple if they already have a boy together, referencing Chyna’s son King with rapper Tyga, he replied: “Yeah, but I don’t.”He later added: “It’s an emotional moment. Me wanting to have a boy, it definitely stems from my dad but I’m sure I’ll have the same relationship that I had with my father with my daughter.” Kim Karadashian's brother suffered a bout of depression over the past couple of years, and his family were left worried over his secluded behaviour earlier this year.

However, he soon came out of his shell after meeting Tyga's ex-girlfriend, saying she changed his life. Rob explained: "I've been friends with Chyna for a long time.She was someone I reached out to for advice.

She would cook for me and we'd just talk.She's surrounded me with a lot of positivity. From the moment we met, I knew I wanted to be more than friends,” he told People.

Kardashian family's reaction

The Kardashian family have reacted to the news on Twitter after the premiere of the show, with Kim taking to social media to share her happiness over the big reveal.

“A girl!!!!!!!!! how cute is she going to be!!!!!!!,” the mum of two wrote.

Rob’s mum, Kris Jenner, shared a snap on Instagram of the couple, reading: “It’s a girl!”. “IT’S A GIRL! So happy for Rob and Chyna! Can’t wait to welcome this new little love bug to the world,” Kris added.