It was recently revealed that Prince Harry (5th in line to the throne) has been dating Meghan Markle, whom you might recognize from the hit US legal drama, Suits. They were rumored to have met at a charity event, following which Harry (32) sent Meghan (35) a barrage of texts in order to persuade her to go on a date him. Allegedly she was still with her former boyfriend, Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello at this point. After a series of dates, he then won her over by whisking her away to a friend's Hollywood Hills mansion for a romantic summer weekend or what some are referring to as a 'summer dirty weekend'.

How serious are they?

The two have yet to go public with their relatiosnhip, but Harry is said to have introduced her to his father, Prince Charles. Whilst she has yet to explicitly display their relationship, she has posted a number of cryptic romantic posts on Instagram, (one including two bananas spooning). They have since been spotted wearing matching bracelets and she even took a 'Britishness test', one which she failed quite miserably.

Nevertheless she celebrated his 32nd birthday with him at Prince Charles shooting party at the Balmoral estate, (where he introduced her to his father), which is a good sign. Furthermore, during her first public interview following the reveal, she has stated that 'My cup runneth over and I'm the luckiest girl in the world'.

It has been noted that Harry has been spending a lot more time in Canada(her second home) and that they even spent Halloween together at the private member's Soho house. And a close source to the two claims

'He's head over heels and she feels the same.'

Public reaction to the couple

There has been a series of mixed reactions to the couple.

Considering how conservative the royal family and some of their supporters are known to be, it is not surprising that many of them regard this relationship 'as a bit of fun'. They claim that it is impossible that someone in line for the throne would be allowed to marry a 35 year old divorcee who also happens to be biracial and from a working class family.

This has been fuelled by Meghan's step-sister claiming that Meghan has abandoned their family and turned her back on them especially her father who has declared bankruptcy and is now stationed in Mexico. Though these claims have not been validated, they do little to encourage those who are already against the union for the reasons stated above.

It is important to note that Prince Harry will probably never be the king though and so has more of a leeway regarding his spousal choice. Further more, following Prince Williams marriage to what is referred to as a 'commoner' (though she is still far from working class), it appears as if the Royal Family is becoming more open minded regarding their nuptials.

But whether Harry and Meghan's relationship will even reach that stage is yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the relationship if any? Do you believe that the relationship is serious? And how do you think the Royal family will respond to a mixed race divorcee as a princess?