We are getting closer to Halloween. There is always a special atmosphere that sorrounds this unique celebration. People dress up in extravagant costumes and on TV, there are so many horror movies and special scary episodes that celebrate this day. Let's have a look at the 5 juiciest Halloween hours of TV.

'The Simpsons' Halloween Special Treehouse for Horror

FOX's "The Simpson" has always aired an Halloween special hour. This year's episode is called Treehouse of Horror XXVII.The TV show gets crazier and deals with alternative realities, monsters andstories set in the past.

Have a look at this year's "The Simpson"Treehouse of Horrortrailer:

'Buffy' The Wish

Let's recall one of the most intense Halloween episode that got to air in these latest years. Warner Bros' "Buffy" is still considered as one of the most important and well written TV Series of these latest decades and during its third season, there was a special episode that included an alternative nightmarish reality. After Cordelia's wish, Buffy unexpectedly didn't getto Sunnydale and Willow, Xander and almost every students have become vampires. It's a memorable hour of Television that you need to rewatch.

'How I met your Mother' The Slutty Pumpkin

HIMYM's first season is memorable, it has so many incredible episodes.

The Hallowen episode is the sixthand it is focused on aparty: Ted is waiting for a former date called "The Slutty Pumpkin". He lost her number and he is hoping she will show up in the slutty pumpkin costume. It's just an hilarious episode you will want to watch, and re-watch again.

'The Vampire Diaries' Haunted

In my opinion, TVD started to be a cult TV series after this incredible episode.

It's season one's seventhhour and it is set during the Halloween weekend. After she has become a vampire, Vicky has gone wild. She is not able to control herself and at a school party, she tries to kill her former classmates. This doesn't end up well: the writers dare to take risks killing one of the main characters. It paved the way to " "The Vampire Diaries"'s best seasons.

Have a look at "The Vampire Diaries" Hauntedpreview:

'American Horror Story' Halloween Part 1 and 2

"American Horror Story"'s first season was unanimously critically acclaimed. It was a bold and scary take on the horror genre. Halloween is a two part episode which is the fourth and the fifth hours of season one. Halloween Part 1 was nominated for an Emmy Awards.The episode is focused on two of the house's previous residents, interior designers Patrick and Chad who give the Harmons decorating advice. We will find out that they are ghostsand that theywere brutally killed years before.Tough to watch!

That's it. If you don't plan to go to a party and you want to watch some scary and funny TV, you'll know what you need to do. What are you favourite Halloween episodes? Don't miss my follow-up article about "Marvel's The Defenders" and have a look at my previous articles on "Westworld", "Black Mirror" and "The Crown".