Whether you’re going to the game itself, attending one of the tailgating parties and events or settling in on your couch with some nachos and some friends, here, from a fellow Brit, is everything you need to know about the NFL match taking place in London, ENGEERRLLAAAAND this weekend. Whether you’re a casual fan who turns on the SuperBowl once a year (mainly for Beyonce) or an avid fan who can reel off J.J. Watt’s sack numbers for the last four years, this is the article for you.


LA Rams (3-3)

Following their controversial move from St.

Louis at the end of last year, the Rams began life in LA by participating in the TV series ‘Hard Knocks’ which provides a behind the scenes look at an NFL team’s preparation for the upcoming season. Among the highlights from this were Jeff Fisher’s rant that he “wasn’t gonna go 9-7 again!” and the revelation that the Rams’ no. 1 draft pick and new hope at quarterback, Jared Goff, didn’t know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The Ram’s season then began in a disastrous loss to California rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, in which they were shut out but since then they have battled their way to a reasonable start, including an impressive win against the Seattle Seahawks, albeit the final score was a fairly dank 9-3.

Goff's issues mean they have issues at the quarterback position, however, the most important and debated position in football. This is problematic.

NY Giants (3-3)

The Giants are a little less colourful than the Rams, unfortunately, and are a perennial divisional contender with a young exciting Wide Receiver in Odell Beckham Jr.

(see below) but an aging quarterback in Eli Manning and a coach in Tom Coughlin who perennially seems to be in the last chance saloon. They’re watchable without being mesmerising, although they did put up some points last week in a good win against the Ravens. Their 3-3 record about sums them up.


Odell Beckham Jr.

(Wide Receiver)

OBJ, as he’s monikered by those in the know, is a polarising, frustrating figure. He can light up the field with mesmerising catches, including this one from his 2014 rookie season, described by some as ‘the best catch ever’. However, he also has a penchant for indiscipline and on-field conflicts with those cornerbacks charged with defending him, most notably Panthers/ Redskins CB Josh Norman. This ‘beef’ led officials to warn both players about their conduct ahead of their encounter earlier this season.

Todd Gurley (Running Back)

Touted as the ‘future of the league’ in his rookie year last season, Gurley is currently having a frustrating season behind an offensive line which simply can’t create opportunities for him.

Given a chance and a hole to run into, however, Gurley is still an electrifying force and will be one of the most exciting players on the field.


Expect a Giants team who have more talent and experience to show it against a Rams'team who might more potential in Gurley and Jared Goff (who has yet to even get on the field) but probably won’t have enough on the day. Odell Beckham Jr. especially seems to be finding his feet for the Giants this season after struggling early on. If I were to stick my neck on the line I would predict a 20-10 Giants win (other opinions are available).

Regardless of the match itself, use this opportunity to soak up some true Americana. The NFL’s ratings in the USA have rocketed in recent years and for good reason - it is a great spectacle in every way - from dashing uniforms to thunderous hits.

The NFL also have a strong desire to make a London based NFL franchise a reality in the future so it’s something you should probably get used to. Get nachos and friends together to impress them with your NFL knowledge and take revenge for that time you got the cricket question wrong in the pub quiz.

The game itself takes place at Twickenham; 2.30 on Sunday 23rd October.