It is common knowledge that kanye west has been the topic of a lot of controversy recently. He has garnered a lot of negative commentary regarding his actions during his Saint Pablo North American tour.

Earlier this year, he declared his intention to run for president in 2020, though it is yet to be confirmed whether he actually intends to go through with this. The recent problems with Kanye began during his tour in San Jose, California where he made the rather controversial statement that though he did not vote during the presidential election, had he voted, his vote would have been for Donald Trump.

He then proceeded to send a message to black people to 'stop talking about race.' He stated that it is a fact that America is racist and black people should just get over it.

His was booed by the audience and some of them even began to throw objects at him on stage. This was probably because the vast majority of the San Jose crowd were supporters of Hilary, and furthermore, they had paid to see him perform his music and not to hear him rant about his political views. The negative response continued on social media.

The breakdown continues

His erratic actions did not end there.

During the Sacramento performance a few nights later, not only did Kanye showed up over an hour late, (a fact that had already annoyed his audience), he only performed 2 songs before launching into another unwanted rant. This time his rant was aimed mostly at Beyonce and Jay Z. Not only did he express his unhappiness that Jay Z had yet to call him regarding Kim's robbery, but he also called out to Beyonce, letting her know that he was hurt due to her alleged bid to win best video of the year.

He claimed that after putting himself on the line in 2009 for Beyonce with the Taylor Swift debacle, he was hurt that she could do this to him. After his rant, he dropped the mic and announced the show was over, after performing only 2 songs. Needless to say, the crowd was less than thrilled and the venue has offered to repay concert-goers back their ticket prices.

#KanyeisOverparty started trending on twitter as social media went crazy at his erratic behaviour, with many speculating about his mental health. These concerns were further escalated as he cancelled his last 21 dates of his tour and was checked into UCLA Medical Center. His wife Kim Kardashian rushed to his side and he is reported to be recovering.

A source close to them cited that 'it was a combination of a lot of issues, stress, anxiety, paranoia: he just broke.'

Why the breakdown?

The 39-year-old rapper had undeniably had a tough year.

His wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint earlier in the year. Coupled with the fact that this month marks the anniversary of his mother's death, it was conceivable that he would act out as he was very close to his mother and her death may have affected him more than we could know.

He tweeted earlier today that he hasn't been as happy as he was in this clip since she passed.

Following his hospitalization, many have expressed sympathy for him, including Jay Z.

It has become clear that there is more than meets they eye to his controversial behavior at his concerts and many just wish him a speedy recovery.