October came with great news for TVD fans. On October 9th, hearts of million of fans fought again, because the great phenomenon called The Vampire Diaries came back with season 7. This show is known as creating obsession trough fans and even little wars. Even if we talk about the constant battle between Delen and Stelena fans, or who's hotter? Ian or Paul? Vampires or werewolves? And when the original vampires packed their bags and made their own TV show called the Originals, fans got the great opportunity to see two parallel worlds and enjoyed every bite, every fang and bayed attention till the last drop of blood.

Season 7 started bad even before October. The great minus on this season is that the maine girl, Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev is no longer in the show. Which means no more lead couple, no more lead to protect. So Julie Plec had to come with a twisted story, new characters and something to catch people's attention. So she did. This seasons welcomes a new species of vampires, called heretics which are also witches and they're under Mama Salvatore's protection.

When Elena Gilbert ,,died" she asked everyone to live their life, to be happy. But Mystic Falls is no longer the town Elena knew. For a lot of fans, the no longer existence of de Delena couple, the heretics and/or the destroyed village were enough reasons to drop the show.

The internet scream bad reviews, disappointed fans and mixed feelings. Even those who weren't hurt by Nina's sudden leaving are disappointed. It seems the show is rushing to make the heretics a thing, while fans only wanted a good relationship between Salvatore brothers and some sparkle romance between Stefan and Caroline and why not Bonnie and Damon.

The whole summer, a rumor said that the old Damon from season 1 will come back to life, actually even Ian Somerhalder quoted that, but until now we don't see him. He tries to be himself again but he is dragged into situations that destroy him emotionally and he seems to handle it quite well. Even decided to conceal with Stefan.

Yes, the bond between brothers is finally not destroyed. But what about fans expectations?

Fandoms expressed their anger that Julie didn't mind to listen their wishes. Since the first episode lots of people knew that Delena will be a thing. So when sparkle started with Klaroline, Steroline, Bonkai and Bamon everyone expected to become real. But no.... alL we have now is a gay couple which is awesome but it seems not enough for the fans.

Of course, only 2 episodes were released but if you're a TV show maniac, you do know that low ratings can cancel a show. TVD is still a notorious show and people still watch hoping that they'll see that something what will make them fall in love again.

So make sure you still watch The Vampire Diaries.

You'll see lots of time changing, depression, confusion and zero passion but you have only 2 episodes to endure. Let's hope for an awesome twist and great reviews on this season. Wonder why? Because we must see Elena coming back from the dead and Delena reunited for the VERY LAST DANCE.