'The Vampire Diaries' had a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Series creator Julie Plec and executive producer Caroline Dries gave some spoilers on what it's going to happen in season 7. After Elena's departure because of the sleeping spell (and Nina Dobrev's will to move on), we are going to watch a whole new show. So let's discuss some of the juicier news we have been given during the panel.

Clearly the most affected by Elena's "loss" will be Damon. Damon's season 1 craziness will be back. We will likely see a lot of "naughty Damon" failing to maintain self control because of what happened.

Elena's will is for Damon to live his own life as he wishes to live, so he will try to be 100% himself. A lot of fans are always asking for more Bamon, and Julie Plec reassured them that there will be space for this storyline. The writers loved the beginning of season 6 with the two of them stuck in the past, so their friendship will be explored and expanded again in season 7.

What about Stefan and Caroline? Their relationship will likely have a lot of twists and transformations. Julie Plec wants to cement their possible love affair episode after episode. Stefan is waiting for Caroline to be ready, so we will get to that. Julie Plec also promised that there will be a lot of shirtless stuff.

Enzo will be confused in the Season 7 premiere. Michael Malarkey said that he will have to choose his allegiance but it's not clear if he will be at Lily's and the Heretics' side or Damon's one. It will be pretty harsh for him.

The panel ended with the usual question of each new season. What about the next villain? The executive producer Caroline Dries admitted that it's always so difficult to create a great villain.

After Klaus and Kai, now we are going to watch Lily's family in action: they are both witch and vampires. It's going to be a season full of violence and blood. With Elena's absence, we will likely get also new female characters.

Are you looking forward to watching season 7? What are you hoping for/afraid of?