Animal lovers and practitioners are being encouraged to “pose with a nose” to show their support for Wetnose Day 2015 on 25th September. The event seeks to raise urgently needed funds to help in the care of sick or vulnerable animals. With many smaller Animal Rescue Centres feeling the economic pinch, the event allows those who really care to unite behind their efforts to improve the situation. The charity backers include a host of Celebrities, including Ricky Gervais, Lorraine Chase, Joanna Lumley, Brian May and canine lover extraordinaire, Paul O’Grady.

Costs increased at the centres

The much-needed funds raised will be distributed to a number of Animal Rescue Centres that are struggling to pay off their various bills. Vets’ costs, animal feed and general equipment are all to be paid for. With a recent decline in donations to cover them combined with an increase in the Animals arriving at the centres, every penny that can be raised will be well received and put to good use.

Similarities with Red Nose Day

Wetnose Day is not without its similarities to the human equivalent, Red Nose Day, which has proved so popular in recent years and organisers are hoping to emulate the success on the monetary side as well. Gervais has been among the many showbiz stars sporting a black foam nose to raise the event’s profile and bring it into the public eye.

It is hoped that pet companies and vet surgeries will join in the FUN and show their support.

Wetnose launch

The Wetnose Animal Aid charity was launched in 2000 in Norfolk by the popular DJ David Hamilton, as the brainchild of Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger. The basic notion behind the non-profit organisation was to raise money to help the sick animals in care in the UK.

A spokesman for the organisation has spoken of the need to back the smaller centres as they commonly “struggle to raise adequate funding and do not have access to funds as other charities do.”Such centres are not eligible for lottery grants or government aid.

Growing numbers

Ideally there would be less demand for the assistance and care provided by the Animal Rescue Centres, but sadly that does not seem to be the case.

Owners continue to ‘dump’ their unwanted animals and with the increase in numbers, the corresponding costs to be covered grow at an alarming rate. Events such as Wetnose Day help to attempt to redress the balance and to raise awareness of the issues faced.

The public can help by making a donation, holding their own fundraising events to raise sponsorship or by purchasing noses from the charity’s website. Wetnose Day posters can be downloaded from the site to publicise the events. Special events across the country already planned include:

  • Doggy tea parties
  • Skydives
  • Sponsored dog walks
  • Sale of handcrafted (animal themed) jewellery