The news of Nina Dobrev and Michael Trevino leaving the show were digested by the fans easily than anyone expected. It seems that the cast was more worried than the fans. No one is 100% sure that a major number of fans won't stop watching the show because of these two members departure but there's hope. Hope for Bamon, which means romance between Bonnie and Damon.

First of all, everybody wonders how will Elena be erased from the set. Will she die? Will she leave Mystic Falls? After everyone puts their opinions on table, the fans wonder what will Damon do?

And judging by the beginning of this season, everyone hopes for a new love story for Ian Somerhalder (on the set, because in real life he is already accomplished).

In the first episodes of season 6, Bonnie and Damon were trapped in a 94' prison world, where they were constantly living the same day. Even if it felt odd and it took a little longer than expected to get them both out of there, while they were trapped , a lot of cute moments happened. Who ever tought that the cold heart Damon and Bonnie, the witch, could be kind with each other? And when Bonnie finally came back in the real world, their face expressions, their joy (not the Gemini girl) was so empowering. And who can forget the cooking pancakes scenes?

Were brilliant and made us, the fans, hope for a great love swap in the show. The brother swap can't happen anymore with Nina Dobrev leaving, but a lovey dovey thing between Bonnie and Damon (Ian and Kat) is expected for season 7.

Now the online puts them in a relationship and digs in for more info, and it seems that outside the cast they are best friends.

But surprise surprise, Kat Graham said "Ian and I used to not like each other at all. We hated each other 1st season. Now he's my best friend in the cast. He's the person I can say in 30 years will be one of my closest friends" Owww how cute is this? Is just like in the series, at first they couldn't stand each other and now they're best friends.

And Kat is also a good friend with Nikki Reed, which makes all of this so easy.

So now the fans are crossing their fingers for Bamon to happen. They already gave up on Stelena and Delena and that's the greatest think that could ever happen in the show. There's hope that TVD can survive without Elena Gilbert. And there can still be a love triangle because the antagonist, Kai (the evil Gemini guy played by Chris Wood) had also some spice up moments with Bonnie (Kat Graham). What could be better than a love triangle between the good girl Bonnie and the bad guys: Damon and Kai?

It would not be the first time when the cast members share their partners, because Steroline already happened (Caroline and Stefan even if he and Elena were like soul mates a few season ago) and let's not forget that Caroline (Candice Accola) had also Damon, Tyler, Matt, Klaus, and that Jesse guy who died too soon.

Lucky girl! No bad feelings between the girls because honestly now, who could get mad at Caroline when you got the bad Salvatore brother? Is she dating your historical soul mate, you're first big love Stefan? So what? Ocean eyes Damon is the best!

There's only one episode left in season 6 : I'm Thinking of You All the While and it will be a tearful one. We'll find out how Elena leaves this amazing journey and how torn apart will Damon be. We all hope that Damon will not become the old bad vampire and finds his peace with Bonnie.