Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. The digital channel has done an unexpected and adorable move: they have decided to bring back the so-beloved seven seasons' tv Series Gilmore Girls! The latest two years have been full of powerful resurrection and returns in the Tv 's land. It has been 8 years since the end of the show, and fifteen years since the series premiere, on October 5th 2000. Amy Sherman-Palladino is the creator of the show and she has written and directed it for the first six seasons.

The last season is actually remembered by the majority of the fans as the worst.

Gilmore Girls changed network ( it moved to the CW) and Amy Sherman-Palladino was on the move. The result was a great but not perfect series finale that wasn't penned by the incredible Gilmore Girls' creator. Since then, fans have always asked for a movie, in order to have a proper ending. In fact, the last episode of the show doesn't conclude a lot of storylines: as Rory decides to leave Logan, Luke and Lorelai are not officially together. There were many beautiful moments as Rory getting an important role in president Obama's campaign ( long before his real-life election) and the final minutes have a nice connection to the pilot's closure.

Unfortunately in all these years, various events happened: Edwars Herrmann passed away and he was remembered and honored this summer during the first reunion at ATX TV Festival.People hoped to get news about the series' future this June, but nothing happened and lots lost hope.

And Now? This is it... the show is coming back and it's not a drill! For our incredible satisfaction, the revival will be structured in 4 installments of 90 minutes with the original cast. This is just the first report, and negotiations are just at the early stage but the entire cast will likelyreprise their roles.

There will be a time jump, things have changed but we can not literally wait for this new episodes.

We will finally get to hear the famous four words through which Amy Shermann-Palladino has always wanted to end the TV-Series and always refused to reveal to the press. Let's just say this: never lose hope in what you believe.Gilmore Girls' return is just a dream that comes true and a proof of that! We can't wait to watchAlexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop onscreen again.