Attention! This article contains spoilers from season 7 episode 1

On October 23, fans all over the world pressed play onthe most expected episode everfromThe Walking Dead.

The AMC’s TV Show ended season 6with a scene full of emotions

A big part of the main characters gang was kneeling beforeNegan, the new villain of the show. It is not something new that in a world full of walkers (which no one still doesn't know how they appeared), the real enemy is still, human. This reminds us in what a cruel world we live and how we must always stay with our eyes open.

This spring we were left with a terrifying scene.Neganwarning that he will kill someone from the group. The most disturbing part was that he would kill to prove his power, to play with their emotions and the one who will get killed will be chosen by its own desire. So playingEenymeenyminy mo, choosing one at the end to kill sounded like his willing.

Neganmade his choice

Negan killed not one but two characters.No one should trusthim, we made this clear. After the second death, fans declared they won’t watch the show anymore. I won’t tell you who was killed, but I assure you it was sad. Is a disturbing way of dying, especially because one of those two was 99% dead back in season 6. Daryl was the only one who couldn't take it anymore and tried to attack Negan and after that, he made his second kill.

Now, fansthink Daryl is the reason behind the second death.It is hard to understand why the directors decided to let a character live after a bad situation just to kill him in the first episode of the next season. It just doesn’t make sense.

The director of the show made a statement

His arguments included a comparison withGame of Thronessituation.

He said that he watches the show and lots of his beloved characters died, but he still watches the show. Firstly, it is impressive that he dares to make this comparison. Secondly, Game of Thrones made this since the beginning. On the other hand, in TWD deaths were slowed, touching, fans cried for everyone. Butthis season, two persons were brutally killed for someone’s amusement (Negan).

This is not any longer a tv show aboutzombieinvasion. It became a TV show that shows us what people will become in a crisis. Two important characters were brutally killed by another human, not a walker. This could have been the worse move. Fans are devoted yes, but they have their limits. Sadly,Neganis not the first villain who kills Rick’s commanders. We had The Governor but they killed him. Of course, we can’t compare them but it feels quite repetitive. Let’s assume they'll kill Negan, so what? Another villain will show. He will kill someone; he will destroy the community and reload. This could go on and on for centuries. And still, we didn’t find out how, from where, when is started all of this!

TWD is in a crisis now

It doesn’t matter how much fans you have, how much you invest in the show, you just can’t play with people’s hearts. Let’s not forget aboutThe Vampire Diaries. After Nina Dobrev left the show and the producers decided to put her character in a coffin, the ratings dropped drastically.

This could be the end of The Walking Dead?Tell us your opinion in the comments. Also, who is excited to see the tiger in this season?