Everyone knows it, Deadpool movie was a great success. Ryan Reynolds managed to make us forgive him and Marvel Studios for that thing they called Deadpool in the X-Men Universe. In 2016, 20th Century Fox released the long-awaited Deadpool movie and even if they had a lower budget than any Marvel movie, Deadpool was killed the box office.

Ryan Reynolds was confirmed for this role since 2014, but fans made this movie real. The studios were afraid to make such a movie, but somehow and someone, made sure that the fans could have a sneak peak of what Deadpool movie could mean.

This way, the hysteria was created and fans begged the studios to make this movie. Our wish came to live and we were not disappointed. Cast, special effects, Ryan Reynolds humor and let's not forget the shade thrown at Wolverine, everything was perfect!

First trailer for the second movie

On March 4, Ryan Reynolds youtube channel updated a short clip which looks like the first trailer for the second movie. Deadpool 2 comes into theatres in 2018 and for now on, we have almost 4 minutes of what this movie will be. From what you can see from this video, it's definitely as funny as the first one.

No Good Deed shows us the superhero Wade Wilson, as a witness of a robbery attack. An old man is brutally attacked by someone and Deadpool won't just stare at them He must save the innocent man, but first, let me take a selfie!

Joking, he's not taking a selfie, but he needs to suit up. Which...will take a while, maybe a little too much, because it's latex.

Inside jokes

Make sure you watch the trailer until the end and right there, pause and zoom in. Ryan Reynolds just couldn't hold himself and we have there an inside joke for Hugh Jackman's movie Logan, which is now in theaters.

That small written text explains that this is not actually the official trailer. Is just a promotion for Logan. Until 2018, we still have plenty of time to watch numerous of Deadpool trailers.

So stay close, the official and serious trailer will come soon. But since we're talking about Deadpool, it may not be such a serious trailer.