After J. J. Abrams left the Star Trek for the new episodes of Star Wars, James Kirk and company have brooded behind the curtains, patiently waiting for developments for the franchise. Now with the lead actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto finally receiving well deserved salary raises, new doors have opened for the Star Trek franchise with a confirmed fourth movie coming out in the future.

The last instalment, Into Darkness grossed an impressive $467 million worldwide, but taking into account the gross totals of Avengers, Transformers or the recently released Jurassic World (above $1 billion already), this number is still far behind expectations. The studio, Paramount, only gave small raises to the actors for their roles in the new sequel, Star Trek Beyond, that has just begun shooting. Pine and Quinto's agents did not like this approach a bit.

The actors joined the franchise in 2007, initially signing up for the reboot and two sequels. Although only one sequel has been made so far, the agents argued that contracts cannot bind someone for more than seven years, or 2014 in this case. Paramount at first dissented, but did not want to get into an ugly court battle either, so the two sides have finally reached an agreement. 

This basically means that Captain James Kirk and Spock will both survive the upcoming third Film, Beyond, however there's been no word about Zoe Saldana. Of course, Saldana's profile became noticeable after her debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, so she is due to a proper pay raise as well. Whether Paramount is encouraged to give her that remains in question. Pine will reportedly earn $3 million for Beyond, and $6 million for the fourth movie. Quinto's new salary hasn't been disclosed.

Star Trek Beyond is directed by Fast and Furious 6's director Justin Lin, with Simon Pegg and Doug Jung as screenwriters. Originally Bob Orci was tasked with directing and writing the movie, but Paramount wasn't pleased with his directions for the franchise. The new Star Trek is to be released on July 8, 2016 with Pine, Quinto, Saldana, John Cho, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg all returning along with Idris Elba as the potential villain of the movie. 

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