No matter what he or his fellow co-stars at 'Game of Thrones' say, Kit Harington will be under constant watch until season 6 starts next spring on HBO. A tennis lover fan of the show recently took a picture of Harington in Wimbledon, London, during a tennis contest. The picture shows that the actor still has his long hair, which is interpreted by some as an evidence of Jon Snow's survival.

'Game of Thrones' season 5 finale really nailed it in terms of a lasting legacy. Although the show's been nearly idle for a month now, the talks of Jon Snow's fate are "still going strong" - quoting Peter Dinklage's song from the fake Game of Thrones musical that went viral during the airing of season 5.

Fans are not discouraged to create theories about Snow's survival even though the actor and the creators repeatedly said that the character is dead, and Kit Harington will not return for the following season.

They are looking for all kind of clues from the books and the TV show alike to confirm their theories, and when they run out of those, they look at the real life, hoping that some rumours would leak from one of the crew on the show. In a recent interview while promoting her latest movie, 'Terminator 5', Emilia Clarke really sparked the fire after she said that it's a 50/50 chance that Jon Snow will be back in one year's time. She even added later that she was going to get into lot of trouble from the creators for saying such things.

After a week of constant debate, Clarke's words barely died when a new content rose on the internet that literally blew up like a bomb among 'Game of Thrones' communities. Someone took a photo of Kit Harington while he was attending a tennis match in Wimbledon, and shared it on his Twitter account. On the picture Harington still has the same hair and facial hair just like in the season 5 finale, which ended drastically for his character, Jon Snow.

This could only mean that Harington either likes this style or that Jon Snow is returning next season.

In a matter of hours the picture swirled around the internet, with most of the fans clearly in joy, hoping that this is a definite sign for the latter, positive outcome. But the truth is that without a definite picture about the character's fate, talks will be still going until 'Game of Thrones' season 6 premieres next spring. Prepare yourselves because a cold, harsh, spoiler-free winter must be endured before that. Or maybe George R. R. Martin saves the day, and he finishes the book just in time for season 6.