While Marvel has finally found the right actor to play 'Spiderman'/Peter Parker in the upcoming 'Captain America 3' and beyond, DC and Warner Bros. are currently stuck in the building phase of their shared cinematic universe. We already knew that the Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice are coming out next year, but now some rumours have finally surfaced about the Green Lantern reboot.

The first Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds failed miserably at the box office, and couldn't hope for the support of critics and the audience as neither of them liked the Film very much.

Mr. Reynolds reportedly went back to do the solo movie of Deadpool, but DC hasn't given up on the Green Lantern Corps yet, and is planning to reboot the franchise with a 2020 movie.

The latest rumours are that not only one, but at least two human Green Lanterns will appear on the screen. One of course would be Hal Jordan, probably the most famous of the bunch, and the other one would be John Stewart, the African-American superhero, with potentially Guy Gardner also showing up. If DC/Warner Bros. opt to go with three human Green Lanterns they have to act quickly, since it is confirmed that the heroes of the Justice League will have at least a cameo scene in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

Chris Pine, whose portrayal of the young James Kirk in the 'Star Trek' reboot successfully revived the franchise from its ashes, has already talked with the studio about an appearance in 'Wonder Woman'. It is possible that Mr. Pine wasn't really interviewed for the role of Steve Trevor, the love interest of the Greek super heroine, rather he was being initially targeted as Hal Jordan in the DCU, but the studio kept it a secret.

In recent years Mr. Pine has become one of the coolest actors in Hollywood, so it seems unlikely that he would accept a secondary role like Steve Trevor's. But it would totally make sense if he suited up as the Green Lantern to join Ben Affleck's Batman, Henry Cavill's Superman, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller's Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the Justice League.

Although Marvel reportedly will skip this year's Comic Con in San Diego, the DC panel will still be there with its full crew, and the audience can expect major announcements from the studio about the fate of the Green Lantern franchise. Stay tuned!