Jared Leto is clearly having fun as the new Joker in the DC cinematic universe, after word got out that he sent quite a surprising gift package to his co-workers from the Suicide Squad movie, including live and dead animals and even some bullets. After the tragic death of Heath Ledger, who played the role of Joker in Christopher Nolan's 2008 movie, The Dark Knight, everyone feared who the next Joker would be in DC's new cinematic universe. Ledger was brilliant as the arch nemesis of Batman, and the actor's career was just on the rise when his sudden death occurred, so he left behind quite a legacy.

With Man of Steel (2013) DC and Warner Brothers have started their own cinematic universe, copying the ways of the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. After it was announced that there would be more Batman movies and Justice League films coming out in the near future, it was certain that the green haired maniac would also appear in the new instalments. Everyone started guessing who could be possibly deemed worthy enough to take the reins from the late Ledger.

When the studio chose Jared Leto as the new Joker, of course, the sceptics immediately started criticising the choice. Seemingly forgetting that Leto was just freshly removed from his Academy Award for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, fans of the villain were bashing the studio for choosing the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, who, in most eyes, was still more of a music idol than an actual actor.

Of course, after David Ayer, the director of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, shared a picture about the new Joker, everyone's mouths were shut. Jared Leto looked dangerous and most of all, crazy at high levels, just as the character was always meant to look like. The audience still has to wait for the first trailer of the Suicide Squad, and meanwhile the number of sceptics is steadily declining.

As it happened to Ledger, Leto is staying true to the maniac Joker, even when he is supposedly out of character. Because the actor reportedly missed the start of the shooting of the Film back in April, he sent some gifts to his fellow actors and actresses to say sorry. Margot Robbie, playing Joker's love interest, Harley Quinn, received a love letter and a black box with a live rat in it.

Will Smith also got a letter and some bullets, presumably to never run out of them while playing the master sniper Deadshot. This was still not the end of it, because the cast was presented with a video and a "dead hog", that convinced everyone on the set that Leto was the real Joker. Now it's the audience's turn to decide whether Leto is the real deal or his co-workers are just simply exaggerating.

Suicide Squad will hit theatres August 5 2016 but there's a chance that we'll get a glimpse at Joker in a cameo role in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, that's coming out in May 6 2016.