On May 1st, the kpop boy group Big Bang made an all-kill comeback with Bae Bae and Loser, both of the songs having Music videos with millions of views in a few hours. Today, Big Bang released two new songs. Just as their label announced, until September 1st they'll keep releasing new stuff for the fans, that waited more than three years for the boys to come back.

June 1st is a day to celebrate for millions of people around the world because it is the International Children's Day, but for the Big Bang fans it means another day with the volume up and the band's songs.

A few days ago, the members teased the fans with posters for two new songs, called Bang Bang Bang and We like 2 Party. This time , both of them are made to convince you to get up and dance. No more drama or complicated plots. Just the boys, a great beat and catchy lyrics. The lyrics for Bang Bang Bang were written by the two rappers of the group, G-Dragon and TOP.

Every fan knows that Big Bang definitely knows how to party. So, songs like this are more than welcomed in the playlist.

The songs were released at midnight, but before that, the members hosted a live streaming event to discuss their new release and respond to various questions sent in by the curious fans.

Bang Bang Bang and We like 2 Party are part of the EP A, the second instalment of the four-part project album "MADE." The first EP "M" was released on May 1st with two hit songs Loser and Bae Bae, which have dominated the local charts since the release.

These new songs are part of the EP "A," the second instalment of the four-part project album. In July and August, they'll release part D and E. The album "Made Series-A" is available on all major music stores, but pay attention that the physical copy of the single hits stores on June 2nd.

And if is not enough, do not worry.

Their label announced big plans for every member. All of them already experienced a solo career and this year, the leader G-Dragon started and the end of May with his individual promotions in Seoul.

Stay tuned because the music video for We like 2 Party will be released on June 5th. And that could only mean one thing, more days filled with surprises from YG Entertainment. Also, the timing is perfect if you're throwing a party this weekend. Even if you're not, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri will make you feel like you're in the middle of a great party.