It's been 3 years for the fans waiting for this comeback. The five piece group Big Bang is a south Korean boy band under the YG Entertainment label, who debuted in 2006 and immediately shot to fame. They also became famous in Japan; in 2008, they already had a full English mini-album and suddenly everyone knew about this band.

The name Big Bang became known all over the world not because of the 'big bang theory'. These guys are big! The members' unique look but also their singing and rapping skills and their original way to show feelings through lyrics and Music videos raised them up to the top (and as an inside joke, a band member stage name is TOP, does that mean that they knew from the beginning the taste of success?).

After 3 years of waiting, teasers, hope and despair, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri are back! The great news is that they came back not with one but two songs and both have a music video. Their comeback will be definitely an all kill for a lot of time. YG Ent. decided to make that comeback in phases, so until September, great news will come on every 1st of the month. The songs will be included in the studio album Made, which will be released on September 1st . Also, there will be a world tour named after the album and the band will go around the world, even to Australia.

Earlier today, their label released the music videos for Loser and Bae Bae on the official youtube channel and fans didn't hesitate to express their happiness all over the internet.

While Loser is a sad song with a touching story and music video, Bae Bae is more like a funny love song. It is not the first time that Big Bang comes back with different styles and this way they make every fan happy.

Jut like big names in music as Madonna or Robbie Williams, even if Big Bang is an asian band, the guys became famous and they surprise with every comeback.

Their songs are getting better and they achieved a level where no one cares about their private life or if they know how to dance or even about what they're singing. For a foreigner fan it sounds quite difficult to listen, but they are even crazier than the asian ones. Things as watching a music video with subtitles or trying very hard to learn Korean are just everyday stuff for a Big Bang fan.

Their fanbase is enormous and if you don't believe me, well let me say that the leader, G-Dragon, collaborated for a song with Skrillex. Or more like Skrillex called G-Dragon out for a new song.

Expect for more to come from these boys and if you decide to listen don't focus on their crazy hairstyle , just focus on the songs, on the message.