After the great success of The Vampire Diaries as the role of the villain witch, Christopher Wood will appear in a new CW TV show. This time as Jake, the lead role in the TV series Containment.

The American actor, Christopher Charles Wood is not known just for playing Kai Parker, but also for the role of Adam Weaver in "The Carrie Diaries" during 2013-2014 (he sure has a thing for diaries). He began his acting career in 2010 in a short film called "The Magazine Girl" and since than never had a lead role. Chris will star in the upcoming drama series Containment which will be released in 2016.

Inspired by the Belgium drama Cordon, a one season drama, Containment follows the story of an unknown virus that strikes in the center of the country. The government decides to build a wall between the infested ones and those who aren't.

The action in Containment happens in Atlanta. A mysterious and deadly virus breaks and the only solution seems to be forced quarantine. This creates chaos and officer Lex Camahan (David Gyasi) who also played in "Interstellar", has to keep the peace on the streets. How can he do that when his girlfriend and his best friend, fellow officer Jake, played by Chris Wood, are trapped within the cordoned area? In quarantine is also a 17-year-old girl, Teresa, who is eight months pregnant and separated from her boyfriend.

Outside the wall, Doctor Sabine Loomers, played by Claudia Black, tries to contain the outbreak. She is the one who enforced the creation of the wall. People are trapped, fighting against a fatal infection, but also separated from their love ones and struggling every second with isolation fear.

Judging by the fact that Chris appeared in just 16 episode in The Vampire Diaries but made a great impression, we could only say that having a lead role will be a total boom for his fans.

He somehow became the most likable villain in TVD. He killed literally his whole family, he tortured loved ones and made everyone suffer, but still everyone loves him. That's what a great actor is. Playing a villain and still making people cry when you die in the show!

Great news is that the show is produced by Julie Plec ("The Vampire Diaries", "The Originals") and David Nutter ("The Flash" and "Arrow") and that could only mean one thing: an awesome show!

Just imagine, those producers made some of the greatest and famous shows out there and now, they unite for a new one. Say tuned to find out what this show has to offer and especially for Chris's oportunity to show his acting skills.