The newest dinosaur adventure, Jurassic World, will hit the UK theatres  on June 11th, and it's a safe bet that it will once again revive the love for dinosaurs, even though the premise is more than strange, to say the least. The franchise reboot will feature a new, genetically modified killer dinosaur that is mightier than the legendary T-Rex, and human controlled Velociraptors, so it remains to be seen whether the audience will be open-minded to these essential changes.

Universal Studios still believes that the dino love of the 90's hasn't disappeared totally, and taking into account that since the first Jurassic Park's 1993 release new generations have grown up, there's quite a big potential market for the franchise.

This is probably why Universal's plans about the quasi reboot of the franchise have always consisted of a new trilogy.

Jurassic World was directed by Colin Trevorrow, whose first movie as a director, Safety Not Guaranteed from 2012, scored high ratings from both the critics and the audience. Still, Mr. Trevorrow's first try in the movie industry was an indie movie, and we all know that blockbusters work quite differently than low budget films. If the plot doesn't work, Mr. Trevorrow still has an ace up his sleeve in Chris Pratt, who has lately become the biggest sensation in Hollywood, having played Peter Quill in The Guardians of the Galaxy, and having borrowed his voice to Emmet Brickowski, the Lego Movie's main lead.

With Mr. Pratt, a new trilogy of Jurassic Park could indeed work, but we already know that the second movie won't be directed by Mr. Trevorrow. This was confirmed by the director himself during the French premiere of Jurassic World, where he discussed the franchise's status.

"Jurassic Park' is like 'Star Wars.' Different directors can give a different taste to each movie.

I would be involved in some way, but not as director" said Mr. Trevorrow.

Since the basics of the Jurassic Park movies are always the same - astonishing dinosaurs that start eating people who recreated them - Mr. Trevorrow has a point about those different tastes. The question is, after genetically modified and human controlled dinosaurs what else is left there?

Dinosaurs with machine guns attached to their backs, as it was once rumoured for the fourth installment? Dinosaurs in space? Talking dinos?

Universal will surely find a way to remain as plausible to the franchise's rules as it is possible, but first Jurassic World has to perform well in the box office. After Tomorrowland's box office failure, it's not as an easy feat as it might seem, but based on the reboot of Mad Max's success, there's still hope.