It was barely 24 hours since model and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian made an announcement of expecting her second child. The buzz around the news was just building up and the world was hoping to hear more about Kardashian's preparation for her second child. TV star and singer Kanye West's wife had made an announcement about her second pregnancy in the Saturday episode of the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But before the news could gather much heat, one more equally important and sensational news took over. Kim's former step dad Olympian athlete Bruce Jenner, 65, revealed a surprising post surgical look on the cover of Vanity magazine.

"Call me Caitlyn," announced the newly changed Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, unleashing her svelte frame. Dressed in cream basque, Caitlyn revealed her changed look that has been acquired after several painful surgeries.

Caitlyn's first look as a woman kicked up a storm on various online platform. Her glamorous looks and sizzling hot photo shoot for the Vanity cover not just made her fans applaud Caitlyn but also crowned her as a revolutionary face. Caitlyn made the bold decision of undergoing a surgery, after publicly revealing that she wanted a real identity for herself. Caitlyn got a breast implant and revealed her feminine look dressed in three lovely outfits for the ultra-glamorous photoshoot.

While there has never been any bad blood between Caitlyn and Kardashians, Jenner was clear to stay away from the letter 'K' to avoid the Kardashian branding. She was looking for her original and distinct identity as she entered a new found world, which was a genuine one. The Kardashians were shocked but supportive when Jenner came out in the open to make an announcement about being a transgender woman.

Stepdaughter Khloe, Kim's sister, was the first from the family to send a touching message for Caitlyn. Khloe took to Instagram and wrote, "We were given this life because you were strong enough to live it. I couldn't be prouder!! Caitlyn, You are beautiful!!"

Shot beautifully by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, the picture shoot took place at Caitlyn's palatial Malibu home. Leibovitz had earlier photographed Demi Moore's famous nude picture, when she was pregnant with her second child Scout LaRue in 1991.