As promised since 1st of May, the kpop boy band Big Bang is back today with two news songs. The songs are called 'If You' and 'Sober', and the last one has also a Music video. Until now, the boys released for both of the songs a music video, but not this time unfortunately. This month of summer has begun with "MADE Series-D" by dropping these two songs.

Sober is a dance track and everyone can get what the song is about judging by the title, and yes you're right, it is about being sober. The music video is funny, filled with colors and funny clothes and of course crazy hairstyles.

If you're surprised of seeing hairstyle looking like ramen, then you're new in the kpop world. The interesting part is that the song includes the beginning of another song "Crooked" which is a song released by their leader G-Dragon. A great way of making fans singing along since the first listen, also seen as a little gift for the awesome fans who loved the song Crooked.

The songs were just released and it's already an all kill in South Korea and in the online market. The international fans made themselves clear that they're always ready to encourage their idols. Also, these days, Big Bang has been in a little online war. The leader G-Dragon was asked at a Tv Show by the MC, what makes his band different from other bands as Shinee or EXO.

The MC seemed to forget that these bands debuted years after BigBang, they're younger and have different styles. G-Dragon said that BigBang composes and writes their own music, while those bands don't and that's it. These words made Shinee and Exo fans explode, and lots of mean words were surfacing the Internet. Hope they're back on their senses and ready to listen and watch Sober.

As for the sadness that fans felt when they heard that the song If You won't have a music video, the CEO of YG Entertainment released a statement in which he declared "'If You' is the saddest song that BIGBANG has released since their debut in 2006, so a music video wasn't filmed." Moreover, "'If You' is a song that touches hearts." It looks like the guys wanted us, the fans, to focus only on the music itself, not on their bright smiles and perfect bodies.

Both songs will remind you of the first years of BigBang. When every song from them was either a happy or a sad one. But the hairstyles were definitely different. There are still two months more on the Made series, which means more songs from this band, and also more music videos.