This might prove to be a major setback for the loyal fans of daily soap Diya Aur Baati Hum, lead actress Deepika Singh will no longer be on the show as Sandhya. Hang on! Before you decide to stop watching the show any more, read the news rather carefully. Deepika who plays the obedient daughter-in-law Sandhya at home and fierce cop at the professional front will be seen as a Bengali woman named Sagarika Das. For the coming four to five months, Deepika will play Sagarika to hide her identity while working on a secret mission as an undercover cop.

One of the longest running shows on Indian Television, Deepika is one of the most popular TV actresses, who has won the hearts with her coy traditional woman image. While working on a secret mission as the undercover cop, she will have to hide her identity and slip into an altogether different avatar. Along with the unit and her trusted team, Deepika is all set to transform into a Bengali woman. She will have a different look and dialect to look convincing in the new character. According to sources, she has been working hard in her free time to get the part of a Bengali woman right. We learnt that Deepika tried as many as 50 - 60 different looks for the new character. The production house has now finalized a look where Deepika will be seen sporting traditional Bengali sarees.

Deepika is worried that her fans will miss not watching her as a demure Marwari woman in a traditional household. The massive fan following that the show has is largely because of Sandhya, who is seen as a new age Indian woman. Her fans applaud her for her balancing act as a dutiful daughter-in-law and an equally dedicated cop, who fearlessly takes criminals to task.

Deepika has been working in this show for several years and the character of Sandhya has become almost a part of her now. Though in real life she is complete opposite to the character she plays, but, over the years, she has started to enjoy Sandhya's obedient nature.

A Punjabi girl Deepika is a Masters in Business Administration from Punjab University, who started her acting career by making an appearance in a music video.