The warring and shaky tories are uniting as they rally around to take back control of Britain's laws after Brexit, the Daily Mail UK reports.

Sky News also mentioned that "Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond were both satisfied by the agreement on rules and standards, European courts and divergence."

Theresa May and the eight-hour talks

Theresa May met with the Brexit cabinet at Chequers where they talked for eight hours.

It seems that finally, there was a mature gathering of minds over the end of the week's talks as Sky reported that nobody "walked out." There were no tantrums and protests as they put together a compromised deal tagged as "managed divergence."

Prime Minister needs this unity - the first in a long while

This was the first evidence of some kind of unity in a long while. Even Boris Johnson seemed less wind-whipped and fraught and Remainer Philip Hammond was relaxed. While all the details have not yet emerged, there will be more information forthcoming next week in Mrs. May's keynote speech.

There are thought to be three areas of importance that were discussed and agreed upon. The Financial Times described it as basically wanting a Canada-style trade deal after the UK exit.

The unity is all well and good, but pundits are predicting it will not last long. FT writes that trying to compartmentalise the British economy into "sectors where regulations...remain the same," is a bit like "cherry-picking."

For many Tory supporters, the fragile, if temporary peace between the ministers is seen as absolutely vital.

As one commenter on Twitter said, "The thought of Maxist Corbyn as PM, McDonnell as Chancellor, Abbott as HS etc&Momentum running this country fills me with absolute dread. Every Labour government in my lifetime has been a disaster.That's why @theresa_may has 2 deliver a full Brexit or Labour will get in & ruin UK."

This is a critical time for the Tories so that peace will hopefully last longer than their detractors predict.

The Independent has reported that the EU are becoming a bit fed up, saying to Theresa May, "Make up your mind on Brexit or we’ll do it for you."

It is not just the left that are hoping for a Brexit fail to smear the face of Theresa May, and neither is it just the EU hoping to scalp the UK for entertaining the idea of Brexit. Within the party supporters, there is division as well, and much of it is focussed on Theresa May.

One commenter on Twitter posted, "As a lifelong Tory I couldn’t dislike @theresa_may more. She’s the worst leader in our history. she keeps trying to ride two horses with one *ss. She’s deceitful, indecisive and weak. She is purposefully butchering our democratic Brexit vote."

Harsh words, but for some people, very poignant.

There seems to be a general wistfulness over Boris Johnson not being in the driving seat.

Brexit opponents preparing a major campaign

Meanwhile, Stavros Papagianneas mentioned on Twitter that "Opponents of Britain’s exit from the #EU are preparing a major campaign they say now has close to a 50:50 chance of stopping #Brexit by blocking PM #TheresaMay’s divorce deal."

Bad news is emerging via Bloomberg, that the "European Commission warns Theresa May that her strategy for a Brexit trade deal is unacceptable."

But perhaps Theresa May is taking a lot of hits over a strategy that was not fully confronted at the time of the Brexit vote. The government has to try and do what is best for the UK economy and if that helps to unify the Tories, it can only lead to hope for the Leavers.