The Referendum

Last year the people of the United Kingdom decided democratically in a referendum to leave the European Union.

EU Punishment Intentions

We have all heard all of the obvious positive and negative effects of Brexit during the past few months. However most of these seem to be short term. Indeed, the United Kingdom will have to go through a rough time in the short run after Brexit mainly due to the intentions of the larger Eu Member States to punish the UK for leaving in order to set an example to deter other countries from leaving. The decision to leave was taken democratically and any attempts to punish the British people for their decision are in simple words disrespectful of democracy and this is just another indication of the lack of democracy in the way that the EU operates.

EU Collapse

It is the opinion of the author of this article that the EU is doomed to collapse within the next decade due to the undemocratic way that it operates, the fact that it is not a real union but rather a collection of states with their own agendas and the fact that the Eurozone will also collapse eventually as the Euro is just a common currency and nothing more. In order for the Euro to have any future, the Eurozone needs to become a single economy with a Minister of Finance being able to transfer funds from one country to another. This will never happen because there is a lack of trust among the members.

Even Donald Tusk, the current President of the European Council recently said: "Unfortunately at this moment there are more things that draw us apart than unite us".

Additionally, after a socio-economic and political analysis, the author of this article has concluded that in order for the European Union to have any future, it has to constantly strengthen the union among the member states both politically and economically. Unfortunately, after politicians like Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterand who were strong believers of the European dream and were willing to make compromises for the sake of retaining and strengthening the union, withdrew from the political scene, their successors did not practically believe in the European dream but were mainly interested in gaining as much as they could for their own countries rather than for the European Union as a whole.

This simply means that the European Union will never become a single united economic and political entity which will eventually result to its collapse.

The UK avoided the chaos

When the eventual collapse does occur, there will be socio-economic and political chaos accross all EU and Eurozone member states. With the decision to leave before the eventual collapse, the UK will have passed the hard time and will avoid the general chaos that will occur.

The UK will have already made new trade agreements with many countries and because it has its own currency and can implement numismatic policy, will be in a much better position to deal with the future than EU member states after the eventual collapse of the EU.