For many, Brexit was simply about regaining control of our borders and our laws, both of which are crucial to this country's future. Even though Conservative campaigners Will Hunter and Adam Lawless have differing views on Britain's EU departure, this process is equally important to our youngest voters' chances to succeed in life.

'Brexit is an opportunity'

75% of 18-25 year olds who voted in last year's EU referendum chose to remain part of the superbloc. Mr. Hunter, aged 14 (pictured left above), is sceptical about Britain's Brexit prospects. Even though he is not old enough to vote yet, he would have voted to remain in the EU.

He says Britain has managed to emerge as the world's fifth largest economy whilst remaining a member of the trading bloc. However, Adam Lawless, aged 13 (pictured above right), is one of many Conservative activists who supports leaving the superbloc. He says Brexit is an opportunity to reforge our relationship with Commonwealth countries. But he is a minority among younger people who believe that.

This year alone, 90,000 18-25 voters have registered to vote. Whilst they are not the most reliable group of voters in any election, if these people are hoping to jeopardise Brexit by voting Labour, or worse, the Liberal Democrats, then this is deeply worrying for Britain's future if we remain trapped in the EU's protectionist ratchet.

But it adds pressure to the Government's negotiating strategy by ensuring business activity in the short-term is not disrupted by leaving the EU.This will be the first critical step in delivering a prosperous society for people of all ages throughout Britain.

We must strip back the EU regulations that refrain small businesses from expanding, scrap any nonsense laws they have imposed upon us and immediately implement an Australian points-based immigration system to prevent unskilled labour from flooding this country.

The latter has placed many of our youngest workers at a disadvantage.

Finally, by having the freedom to implement free trade deals with other countries, we can increase this country's wealth. There are many exciting opportunities for the UK to trade with some of the world's expanding economies. We can gain access to new markets and attract foreign companies here with a generous tax regime, thereby creating more job opportunities and increasing Britain's revenue stream.

Brexit is the most exciting opportunity the UK has had prior to the 2008 Recession. Despite this, it is clear many younger activists are not entirely convinced. We must elect a Conservative government on June 8th to deliver the best deal with the EU possible, otherwise it will be the likes of Adam and Will who will pick up the pieces later on.