As the dust slowly settles in the deserted corridors of Westminster on Friday's sorry debacle, it appears that no one has learnt any lessons, and if they have, well they sure as hell not telling any of us anytime soon. To watch the PM and Jeremy Corbyn trade banter across the Commons benches yesterday was as if they were sharing a joke that only they were in on. That is the problem with career politicians of any persuasion, with expenses, subsidised living and comfortable salaries, they are far divorced from the realities of life. The other thing that they are far from reliable with is the truth.


The world has fallen down around Theresa May's ears and her head certainly appears to be still in the clouds. Her gamble failed, the party returning to power only if they can get into bed with the DUP, a party that is in many ways an antithesis of what she and the Conservatives are supposed to stand for. Make no mistake, Northern Ireland is yet a stone's throw away from violence - the approaching Protestant marching season will show that - with the old hatreds that divide the population waiting just below the surface. Sein Fein is certainly not going to stand for any alliance - which will only delay Stormont's reinstatement - as it breaks the impartiality of the Irish parties and the Good Friday agreement, allowing the DUP to be merely an extension of the British Government.

Why not be honest for once! An election will be held before the end of the year because shoring up the foundation is not going to work - not with her in charge that's for sure. The grandees of the Tory Party are not going to allow her to lead the cowboys to the pass again, only to be slaughtered this time by the Indians.


With a Cheshire cat smile, Jeremy Corbyn still insists that he did not lose the election, and is more than prepared to form the next government should the government's deal fall through. That, of course, would be even more disastrous in both the long or short term. To cobble together a patchwork quilt of opposing views, and then having the moral strength to contain them, is a little above his meagre skills.

Can he also not tell us that his policies are likely to bankrupt the country within a year? That would leave us driving down the highway to hell. Oh, and of course can someone please explain to Dianne Abbott, that incompetence is not an illness?

At this crucial point in our history, we need to be told what an awful mess we are in. It is useless for Mrs May to insist that she has the country's backing when clearly she has not. Watch the henchmen Johnson and Gove sharpen their knives and wait for an opportunity to strike. It won't be long now.