Mayor Sadiq Khan has spoken out in response to the devastating fire that has engulfed a London tower block in flames and is still ongoing since it began at around 1 o’clock this morning. He said that Fire safety advice should be a top priority and that questions should be answered regarding this topic, especially since the flats are now ablaze and such advice given to the residents may have been ill-advised.

He made an appeared on ‘Today’ on Radio 4

Khan’s statements came during an appearance on the “Today” programme on Radio 4. He was asked about what advice for fire procedures were given to the residents of the Grenfell Tower (the block that is now on fire).

The advice given to them was reportedly that in the event of a fire, they should stay in their flats. Now, this was terrible advice, and the residents luckily chose not to follow it. Khan said, “Thankfully residents didn’t stay in their flats and fled to safety.”

But the question is, why were they told to stay? Khan outlined one concern being that the building has 24 floors and firefighters are unable to get to the top floor due to the massive fire taking over the entire building, which is raising fears that it could collapse. So, had the people at the top stayed in their flats as advised, this would be extremely problematic. Khan said, “Of course these are questions that need to be answered as soon as possible” and that the situation was “very distressing.”