George Osborne using his job as editor to seek revenge on Theresa May

Who can forget when Theresa May came to power in 2016 when she sacked Chancellor George Osborne and he returned to being a backbench MP? It was subsequently broadcast that George Osborne had 5 jobs including a new one he had taken as editor of The Evening Standard. Many accused George Osborne of being greedy although some of the jobs he did were for free. Others also said how could he possibly be a responsible MP for Tatton in Cheshire and concentrate on his other jobs; at the time though he said he could juggle all the jobs and give them his maximum attention.

Osborne was also criticised for representing northern people in Tatton in parliament but taking a job on a southern newspaper speaking up, as he said, for Londoners. Whether the criticisms stung Osborne is hard to say but he resigned as the MP for Tatton to concentrate on his new job as Editor of the Evening Standard.

Osborne in an article for the London paper has launched a scathing attack on embattled Prime Minister Theresa May saying she is a "Dead woman walking" and has handed all executive power to her cabinet. Many said Osborne would use his new job as a platform to attack May and her administration and with her weak position as Prime Minister, it seems this has given him more ammunition to do so.

George now free to speak

Now that George Osborne is no longer an MP and more importantly no longer a member of the cabinet he is now free to speak his mind it would seem. But is Osborne genuine in his attack on May and her tenuous position as Prime Minister or is it part of a ploy?

He may be genuine in his attack on May and no doubt he is channeling his bitterness into his articles for the paper in scathing attacks on May's administration.

It is probable Osborne was not expecting to be sacked and from that time to now he bears a grudge against May and will be relishing any damage he can do to her via his writings for the paper.

Many would ask, if he did not agree with May and Cameron's policies, why did he not have the courage of his convictions and resign forthwith?

Perhaps he felt he could change the cabinet and its policies from within but whatever Osborne's motivations he oversaw the cutbacks and austerity and therefore can be seen to be a hypocrite.

Osborne also harboured ambitions, it is assumed, to be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister and with May sacking him his plans were thwarted. Now being editor of The Evening Standard he could be using the paper as a launch pad to challenge Sadiq Khan for the job of Mayor of London or to get himself re-elected again and return to front bench politics.

George Osborne: Time on his side perhaps?

With Osborne currently sitting pretty as editor of the Evening Standard plus his other jobs, he can perhaps rest on his laurels a little.

There's no rush for him to challenge Sadiq Khan as the Conservative candidate for Mayor or even stand as an MP but using the paper he can promote his views and outlook.

So if Osborne plays his cards right time could well be on the side of the former chancellor who says he left the British economy in a good state but as with everything that is a matter of opinion.