Oh dear, here we go again, but it should come as no surprise. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are sitting on the fence -.Again!

In light of the growing problems between the UK and Russia over the alleged poisoning of a double agent and his daughter in Salisbury; as usual, Jeremy Corbyn is remaining characteristically silent, over a matter that has put Britain in the direct line of conflict. But wait, consider this:

  • Skripali was a convicted double-agent living in Wiltshire one of the Uk's most concentrated military areas, where he had given lectures on espionage, and obviously knew the right people; or the wrong ones depending on which way you look at it?.
  • Porton Down - where we test and develop chemical agents - ones of course which we do not use ourselves as we are too principled to stoop that low - but may be quite happy to sell to others so they can wreak the damage themselves (But of course no-one knows because its work is ultra secret - is only 20 miles from the city.
  • He was a double-agent, took the risks, and obviously the rewards; so knew what he was doing. It should then come as no surprise to him or us that this has happened.


It has always been hard to know what Jeremy Corbyn actually stands for.

He has been involved in his own spy-scandal recently, but we are no clearer whether it is 'fake-news,' or not? He has certainly in the past been a supporter of many left-wing causes and suspect regimes. Certainly, his rambling speech at yesterdays Question Time seemed to be doing everything NOT to attach blame to the shady doings of the Kremlin.

At least the current Government has made its own stand, rightly or wrongly, for as yet we have no firm proof of Russian involvement.We are dismissing 23 Russian Diplomats, calling for International sanctions, and cutting diplomatic ties with Russia. In response, Putin has told us quite firmly, 'Do not mess with a Nuclear Power, and that the 'UK are fully fledged liars,' ' and will no doubt unveil his own retaliation scheme shortly.

Corbyn the man who dithers

Corbyn is either a man who simply dithers, or is so unsure of his judgment that he prefers to keep his own counsel on important matters, which is no good for the safety of this country. He has done it with any number of issues during his tenure as Labour Leader, not least with his true feelings over Brexit?

It is time for him as the leader to do just that - LEAD! So, in a heartfelt plea would the real Jeremy Corbyn please stand up and account for something - anything, and if he cannot, then please return to the back-benches where he has been showing us where undoubtedly belongs.