Only a day after the Oscars and no one could have expected the plot twist in the world's longest-running soap-opera. In a shock announcement this morning, North Korea has said that it will suspend all nuclear missile tests in order to sit down with the South and build credible bridges. The country's ruler, Kim Jong Un has further sworn in an incredible statement that he would never use any form of weapons against his Southern neighbours. So why the sudden change?

Can the West believe them?

Of course not, even though there has been considerable thawing in relationships with the South, it is relations with America that they will have to re-establish and ultimately convince about any peaceful intent.

Kim has also stated that he may be willing to dismantle his nuclear arsenal, as long as he is assured that he and his country are not a target from outside intrusion. A meeting of the two leaders will take place in the Demilitarised-Zone that separates the countries in a sit-down summit between North and South, scheduled for late April; a historic moment indeed.

What about America!

Ah yes, the elephant in the room? Of course 'The Donald,' but even he will grasp - with his advisor's intense briefing - the real possibility for some sort of lasting solution in this unprecedented advance from the North. Whether he believes and acts on it is another matter completely. The war of words and the North's actions have been too elongated and provocative to be overlooked or readily forgiven, but it is clear by that someone has been whispering in Kim's ear, that common sense must prevail.

It is irrelevant if the words come from China, or at a push - probably a long one - from Russia, but no doubt words have been given.

It has certainly been a red carpet ride for the two Korean states, to go from potentially resuming hostilities - remember there has been no formal peace between the two since the war in the early 50's - to Olympic solidarity, diplomatic talks, friendly meals and certainly this rather remarkable breakthrough.

But make no mistake, this is not some sort of miracle, talks are just that talks! Kim has not suddenly had a change of heart, more a realisation that with increasing sanctions and a country reaching poverty levels, things could not remain as they are.

It will take a great deal of diplomatic tact on both sides to break the political stalemate of 65 Years. This is not the end, but it just may be the beginning of the end that the world certainly wants!