Outside 10 Downing Street yesterday Theresa May had a very matter-of-fact, almost wooden appearance about her as she discussed the election. It was as if she'd had a landslide and then finished by saying "Back to work".

It appeared the woman was in complete denial she had won but not enough to get an overall majority. It seemed from her demeanor as if the general election was done and dusted, or never happened at all. This shows theresa May finds it hard to admit she miscalculated and can move on.

This wooden almost robotic style of hers was the same throughout the campaign in total contrast to Jeremy Corbyn's more open style of performing to huge crowds.

It makes one wonder how her constituents can relate to this demeanour that seems devoid of understanding ordinary people - unless the residents of Maidenhead see another Theresa that was not apparent on the campaign.

Theresa May and the DUP

Now Theresa May has got into bed with the Northern Irish party founded by the Rev. Ian Paisley what are we to make of this? The DUP are hard line Euro-sceptics and have been like this for many years, even before UKIP emerged on the scene. Those Tories who want a hard Brexit should be rubbing their hands with glee.

They are climate change deniers, anti-abortionist and take the Biblical creation of the world literally believing the planet goes back only 6,000 years.

Many are worried what influence and what price the DUP will ask of May in return for them supporting her in parliament - especially with their hard-line views.

This arrangement is not a coalition as was between the Conservatives and Lib-Dems in 2010, this arrangement is a much looser agreement in comparison. The DUP who have 10 MPs who will support the Conservatives on a policy by policy basis and being the junior partner in this arrangement will not have a tremendous influence on Tory party policy - at least one hopes so.

The DUP have refused to even think about a coalition or informal arrangement with Jeremy Corbyn because of his meetings with Sinn Fein and the IRA in the past.

Theresa May is now damaged goods

Theresa May falling short of a majority she wanted and having to rely on the DUP is now a weakened leader in the eyes of the world and other parties.

No doubt even amongst other Conservatives. It seems the EU Brexit negotiators are being patient while Theresa May sorts herself out post general election, but even they will wonder what kind of leader they will be facing in the aftermath of this general election disaster.

David Cameron when he lost the referendum had the decency to go even though he had promised to hang around. However, May will not fall on her sword and wants to be present at the negotiating table alongside David Davies her Brexit negotiator in chief. Is this because she is power mad and will not let go of the job she always wanted that of Prime Minister? Or is it as some have said out of a duty to steer this country through Brexit?

Theresa May is known for changing her mind on many things; for example, she was not going to have a snap election then she did. Compared to Margaret Thatcher whether you like her or not May is a lightweight and unlike the stubborn iron lady, May seems to buckle when up against stronger opponents with stronger arguments.

Jeremy Corbyn may get his chance to be Prime Minister but a week, as they say, is a long time in politics, and right now anything could happen.