While this last UK General Election has answered many questions, it has also raised much more.

Few would argue Prime Minister Theresa May is a diligent worker, always on top of her brief, full of courage and determination. Most people from her side of the political argument would also admire her beliefs, experience and desire to bring the best to the UK.

The election, however, exposed her shocking weaknesses

She is not a natural communicator, every time she spoke she seemed like she was trying to remember, word for word, the script she had written in her head.

She is not good at thinking on her feet, leading her to avoid taking part in debates. She showed no outrage when accused of underfunding the police. She is not good with people and looked stilted in every instance of human interaction.

Corbyn, on The Other hand, excels at the above. It was Mr Corbyn’s undeniable ability to enthuse people in the run-up to June 8th that turned the outcome of this election on its head. He appears relaxed in his skin and could present the nonsense about unfunded billion pound giveaways or his long-term support for the police and security services with the ease and confidence which comes from long term practice and a lack of a conscience.

Jeremy Corbyn has been involved in peace campaigns throughout his political career

He tells people what they want to hear

He has also proven to be excellent at rabble rousing. He tells people who want to believe how hard done by they are, what they want to hear. Young people who enjoy the lowest unemployment figures and the opportunities of one of the fastest growing, developed economies in the world are told that they are exploited.

Let them live in Spain or Greece for a while to learn the truth.

The Health Service, according to Corbyn, has sustained huge cuts; even though the total spent in 2016 was £141 billion compared to just £122 billion in 2011 just after the last Labour government. This is justified by saying it's down per person, though without any reference to the third of a million extra people every year, year on year, who use it; all of them allowed in by schemes devised and supported by Corbyn's Labour.

He uses (as does Nichola Sturgeon) the word "austerity" The Labour Party fought this general election on a clear ticket of anti-austerity, socialist, pro-worker ideals. to smear the Conservative government. Yet the country is still living far beyond its means, leaving a horrendous debt to be paid in the future by the same short sighted people who most loudly cheer him.

All of the above and more confirm JC is a charismatic leader and a great influencer. But what about the other question; Is he leading towards the right place? He despises the UK, every problem in the world is apparently caused by the UK, Israel or the USA. He has been a self-confessed friend to both Islamist (Hezbollah and Hamas) as well as Irish terrorists.

He detests big business, even though it pays directly or indirectly (by paying staff) for much of the social support that he loudly demands.

The three most important issues

On the three most important issues of the day, he is not competent. If he ran the nation's finances he would increase borrowing and the national debt. This stands at well over £1.5 trillion, already a figure too huge to imagine. The credit rating agencies would have to downgrade the UK's ratings because they would not believe we could repay, especially as many more of the despised rich would leave and the cycle of debt and austerity would be increased. Look at Greece or Venezuela as examples, (the latter has an inflation rate in the thousands yet was held up a few years ago, as a beacon of socialism by Corbyn himself).

On security, his record speaks for itself. He says he is going to increase police numbers and funding as well as doctors, nurses, teachers, train drivers, prison officers, council workers - and heaven knows who else. The famous magic money tree will have to be very bountiful for the next many years. It's nonsense! What is true is that he has always opposed the nuclear deterrent and has voted against each piece of legislation designed to keep us safe proposed by both his own party and the Conservatives for decades.

On Brexit, the demand for a second referendum is hard for Corbyn to ignore, his negotiating strategy mirrors the SNP and Liberal Democrats. Let us be on your trading block and you can have whatever you want.

£100 billion exit fee, the UK not doing trade deals with anyone else, unfettered immigration, oversight by the despised European Courts. Craven, stupid and a betrayal of the over 17 million people who voted to leave.

A very dangerous leader

So, in the end, you have to have both elements to be a leader. You must be charismatic and able to influence people to follow you. But, even more importantly you must be travelling in the right direction. Remember the huge crowds of ordinary Germans following a madman who had charisma and a huge influence in the 1930's. Then think about the hideous consequences that followed.