Kulbhushan Jadhav the former Indian navy official, was renamed as Mubarak Hussein Patel in the hearing in ICJ (International court of justice) today.

What was the Allegation?

Pakistan government has allegations against Jadhav that he was involved in various terrorist activities in addition to having waged war against Pakistan. He has been arrested in Baluchistan, on the Pakistan border on a charge for terrorism and spying for Indian’s intelligent agency, the research and analysis wing (RAW).

Kulbhushan Jadhav took volunteer retirement from the navy and established a small business in cha bahar, Iran in 2003.

According to the Pakistani government, he was arrested inside Baluchistan in mashkel due to his illicit entry into Pakistan via Iran. They added that Jadhav has details about secret documents related to the Pakistani Government. Jadhav also knew personally Haji Baloch, who was connected to the mastermind of the Safoora bus attack, where 45 Islamic passengers were shot dead. On 10th April 2015, the Pakistani government made an allegation against him that his goal was to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic corridor and that he made the Gwadar port a special target. In addition, it was claimed that he was spying for the Indian government. He was Sentenced To Death by the Field General court Martial (FGCM), which was approved by Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.

What is all about?

Indian government officials will put Jadhav's case in the Netherlands based ICJ today around 1 pm Indian time. Both sides will get the chance to make their arguments for 90 minutes each. The Indian government has denied all allegations. They said that Pakistan cooked up all stories after knew about the renamed Mubarak Hussein Patel's background.

In addition, the Indian government rejected the fake and bogus videos admitted against KUL Bhushan Jadhav.

In ICJ, President Judge Ronny Abraham of France will probably meet legal representatives of both the countries today. The court will take some interim steps until the final judgment. A legal representative from India, Harish Salve will represent this case.

The Indian government says Jadhav, the former Indian naval officer, is totally innocent. He was abducted by Pakistan who were violating international law. Also, the government accused the Pakistani government of breaking New Delhi’s right VCCR (Vienna convention on a consular relation. Both the countries have signed up the protocol to VCCR, so it is compulsory for them to perceive in the ICJ for the settlement.

What is the protocol?

After 1971, this is the second time that both countries will appear after 18 years in International court, due to their signature to follow protocol to VCCR. This made them compulsory to achieve a settlement for this dispute. Whilst India stayed away from ICJ, New Delhi have pursued second-time intervention of the judicial arm of united nation against Pakistan

Pakistan can challenge court’s decision but in this case, the chances are very small, says Geneva-based lawyer Shashank Kumar, know serving as a clerk in ICJ.

Today, the court would not give his final decision but take provisional measure for this case he says.

The Court will review both side issues presented by both the countries and can take jurisdiction of this case after granting provisional measure too.