Always remember that the first problem with Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is Donald Trump. His iniquities, his failings and his shortcomings, all begin and end with him. The bigger-picture does not exist, the need to serve the greater good rather than the smaller one has no bearing. The only thing the President sees is the President, unaware that his administration is unraveling because of his own impetuous actions.

So what is the Problem?

Picking a fight outside your own circle is easy, picking one inside, is bound to cause trouble.

The White House, if the rumors are true, is bending under the weight of President Trump's paranoia, riven with doubt and likely to change his mind on a whim, and at any moment, thereby destabilising further the already unstable situation. It is a moot point as to whether James Comey should have been sacked or not, but the manner in which it was done was wrong from the start. He yanked up the ante on Friday by his most stupid mistake yet. He should certainly not have turned to his trusted aid, 'twitter,' and intimated that he had taped a conversation with the sacked FBI director, obviously forgetting the Watergate debacle.

For a Man who demands unquestioning loyalty, he gives none in return, and for a decrier of 'fake news,' he is certainly not adverse to spreading it around by the bucketload himself.

At present, the corridors of power are ringing with the possibility that he is now about to sack swathes of 'Team Trump,' which will only increase his thought that the Politics of Fear, is the only way to run a country.


On the one hand, he seems hell-bent on alienating not only the media and his immediate supporters but the public at large, while on the other, constantly assuring them that he is in fact up to the job.

One moment he is guided by an unthinking, unguarded personality, one almost at war with itself. The next he drops his guard, bleating like an injured lamb that 'he thought it would be easier,' with reference to his first 100 days in office.

The problem though, really boils down once again to Russia, not only pre-Presidential but post-Presidential as well.

He called Comey a 'grandstander,' and 'showboater,' who was carrying out a 'witch hunt,' against his Russian connection. And certainly it is one thing to have the Russian foreign minister Sergi Lazarov for talks, it is quite another to pepper those discussions with matters of high security, something he once again says, did not happen.

It is the constant contradictions that will destroy Trump in the end. You may be mercurial in business, but certainly not in the business of politics. Appearing like a man digging a very large hole for himself, one that if it goes down much further, it will be increasingly difficult to dig himself out of.