Fashion is a statement, not style. It is not being subtle at times and it is the way to define yourself sometimes boldly or powerfully. Fashion is the way to express yourself confidently.

Eid-ul-Fitr’ 17’ has added some of the latest trend and styles of designer wear and new collection which will add new charisma to your wardrobe.

Best Indy western wear

These festivals add some of the latest lines of featured Indy western wear and new silhouettes of ethnic wear. Trendy ethnic wear is in the queue to give new fashion outfits this year. The new range of floor-length Ana kali lawn dresses are considered proper ethnic wear which will give you a royal and elegant look.

Floral pattern garments, silk, chancery, Georgette, chiffon, crêpe, and cotton are all fabrics that are on the international runway. There are some enchanting and alluring shades like pinks, emerald-green, sea green. fuchsia, royal red, and dazzling gold that are hot in this ‘Eid ‘festival.

Beautiful big frock suits: these floor-length big frock suits (Ana kali) are the best trend this festive season and will give you a Mughals look with some suggested pieces of jewelry. For example, it will add some spice to your look combined with mang tikka and chained big earrings to your style

Straight cut shalwar suit and designer harem suits: - if you want simple and elegant style this festival, try your look with a straight cut shalwar suit.

On the other hand, try the harem suit which very comfortable and it can be worn through the day. Put on some eye-catching earrings and polka nose ring to pitch your look more stylish.

Royal queen look ankle-length skirt(lehenga) and elegant jacket suit: To add more style to your wardrobe and give you more ravishing looks the royal ankle-length skirt (lehenga suit) is very good choice.

Add more glamour to the Eid

To add more glamor to your Eid feast here is an exceptionally elegant jacket style suit which is perfect for your sturdy looks. Pair this look with traditional mang tikka and golden enamel (minakari) earrings.

For more attire try out the asymmetric designer suit, (pant style suit) which is so different.

Also, there is some marvelous sharara and Pakistani ‘chicken embroidery’ which are famous for top class elegance. So on this Eid day why not wear some stunning fashion to get that classy look. This 'Ramjan-Eid' –2017 collection is a step towards trendy ethnic silhouettes.