Welcome to the rare lunar eclipse event that has been scheduled for tomorrow. It's predicted to be an enchanting show. A Super Moon, Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse giving a buzz tomorrow evening.

What is this Super Blue Blood moon?

Supermoons occur when the Full Moon accords with the closest orbit point (perigee) to the planet. This is going to be the spectacular event where this full image is going to be 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual in the sky. This super blue moon will have a bright red color in appearance, this is known as the ‘blood moon’.

This satellite activity can be seen through naked eyes, or binoculars or telescopes can be used for more clarity and vision.

On the evening of January 31, this Super Blue Blood moon will be visible, due to the total lunar eclipse, when the satellite has reddish shade to it. Surprisingly and amazing, this month has total two full moons in the month of January 2018, and according to all the interested scientists and NASA itself, this has been declared as a blue moon event. Also due to a reddish bloom, it has been termed as the Supermoon or “super blue blood moon.”

Time to watch Super Blueblood moon in India and other countries

The super blue blood moon will be visible to all its viewers and will be seen from the north-East, for who will be able to witness this event.

Rest of India will get a chance to see this Super blue blood moon between 5:18 PM IST and 6:21 PM IST.9:38 PM IST or 11:08 AM EST For astronomers in India, the phenomenon will be visible, in India, itself. Lucky People from Siberia, Australia, New Zealand and northwestern US and Canada will be able to view the whole experience.

Other countries like Africa, South America, and Europe will not be able to see the whole event.

About a blue moon?

It is described as a full moon because it is visible twice in a month, and the second-time visibility in a month is called the blue moon. .This is a rather scarce event and has also become a phrase term ‘Once in a blue moon,’ as everybody knows.

Astronomical activity incident is happening after 150 years?

More information from research of the phenomena indicates that it is rare and it is happening after 152 years since the last time it was visible in 1866. That was only for the Americas, but this time it is almost going to be global. This time it will be hanging in the sky for all of Asian to see. The last Blue Moon and the total lunar eclipse happened on December 30, 1982.