The biggest asteroid of the Century to pass so close will be visible tomorrow and blaze safely past Earth on September 1 at a safe distance from earth approximately about 4.4 million miles (7 million kilometers), nasa said. The experts said Florence will get closure and move in an orbit nearly 18 times distance between the Earth and the moon.

A massive enormous giant of the century

This Asteroid was first discovered in 1981 by American astronomer Schelte “Bobby” Bus in Australian Telescopic laboratory and named after a famous prodigious and versatile writer Florence Nightingale of the 19th century also the founder of modern nursing.

A scientist has said this massive asteroid is far enough and no signs of collision or any crash will happen, fortunately, it has given the opportunity to view closure from binoculars and telescope on 1st Sep.

This month has given two major sky watching activities full total solar eclipse of the century and now huge giant will be visible without any throngs of traffic it even starts buzzing from today to catch it. The enormous giant has not near to Earth since 1890, and reach us again until 2500.

Sky view for the lovers, telescopic view from your terrace

"Even though some snooping interference from moonlight, 3122 Florence can be easy to grab in even modest terrace telescopes, estimated that will be clearer as this mountain will begin to brighten to all ninth magnitude and continues till the constellations Pisces, Capricorns, Aquarius, and so on.

The live broadcast with commentary of the asteroid will start by Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

The magazine has sets the chart series for North American to observe this huge giant. Big time to see this has already started and goes up to Sep 3. NASA experts said that ideal time for viewing will start at late evening around 11.30 pm.

When it is directly on the top.

"Florence is the largest asteroid of this century and never so close to our planet since a century before i.e. almost 127 years ago. It is one of the gigantic asteroids in the Earth's locale, size is like similar to countable Egyptian pyramids wedged together”.

Researchers are planning to know more about this asteroid when it passes close to the earth, by locators and detectors based on California region.

Also, can detect the actual size and surface of the Florence.

This time is likely to study more about this natural rocky bodies.

According to the scientist, it is very common every 2,000 years a football sized meteoroid hits the earth surface noteworthy, Florence is not among them.