Yesterday, a bomb was detonated on a subway train in the centre of St. Petersburg. 11 people were killed and 40 more seriously injured. Following the attack, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, sat down with the chiefs of national security to discuss their strategy in their response. During the meeting (which took place late last night), US President Donald Trump called up to chat with his friend.

Trump and Putin currently under investigation

It’s a friendship that’s currently under investigation by various US intelligence agencies due to accusations (and evidence) that Russian influence helped to change the election results and get Trump his victory over Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, he called Putin in the early hours of this morning.

The White House issued a statement to say that the President “offered the full support of the United States government” in assisting with Russia’s response to the attack and “bringing those responsible to justice.” During their chat, Trump and Putin agreed that “terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated.”