David Cameron appeared at Brown University to talk politics, and Russian leader vladimir putin came up. He said that one of the advantages of not being Prime Minister anymore is that Putin no longer invites him on hunting trips. On the subject of Putin, he said, “I’m very fond of riding horses, but I don’t look quite the same with my shirt off.”

Cameron says Brexit is ‘not impossible to get right’

Obviously Cameron had to discuss the elephant in the room: Brexit. See, he had a bit of a tumultuous and ill-fated summer last year when he wanted Britain to stay in the European Union and, a little bit like the Book of Job (if you can stomach the thought of David Cameron as God), he asked the British people if they wanted things to stay the same or everything to go to pot, and when they voted for the latter, they kicked off at him because everything went to pot, and he was so ashamed by the whole ordeal that he quit being Prime Minister and handed us over to Theresa May, who has very quickly fast-tracked the EU leave and plans to trigger it next week.

But Cameron doesn’t think Brexit is the end of the world. In fact, he thinks there’s a way for it to be done “right.” And he also added this important message to remember: “Leaving the European Union does not mean we’re leaving Europe.”