Theresa May has come out attacking the National Trust for ‘axing’ Easter from egg hunt, stating as member of the National Trust and a Vicars daughter, that she was furious. May joins the list of church leaders who have condemned the trust for ‘airbrushing’ Christianity out of the event. Cadbury, who sponsor the event said that they wanted it to appeal to a wider audience.

The comments come after a rebrand of the event saw the name changed from “Easter Egg Trail” to “The Great British Egg Hunt.”

Theresa May’s faux outrage

Theresa May and church leader’s outrage is misguided completely because they claim that Cadbury and the National Trust are removing Christianity from the faith’s festival.

Despite during the campaign for the event on the website and in other adverts, there is clear mentioning of the word Easter. The rebrand to “The Great British Egg Hunt” follows suit from many popular reality shows such as “The Great British Bake-Off.” It would only make sense for a company who want to promote their event to a large audience, to use already popular ideas.

Her outrage also comes as a series of Benefit Cuts have come into place that will plunge 250,000 children into poverty along with bereavement cuts that will see family members losing up to 90% of what they would have gotten in benefit payments. Other cuts include to Tax Credits family element, meaning those who are starting a family beyond April 2017 won’t be eligible, Universal Credit requirements have changed, meaning parents who have a youngest child of 3 must be looking for work to be able to claim it plus multiple other cuts.

A Distraction?

Theresa May is using this outrage as a distraction from what else is happening, in a week where her government have insinuated that they would go to war with Spain over Gibraltar. She has stated that Britain should have a closer relationship with Saudi Arabia, despite the incessant destruction by their government of Yemen and cuts to corporation tax that will give an estimated £20bn extra to large corporations.

She has repeatedly shown that the Conservatives have little care for society itself and she is running the government much like Trump in the US, like a business but with more success.

The biggest difference between her and Trump is that Theresa May has an expert understanding how politics works. She is able balance the image of politician whilst running the country like a large corporation, for the aim to make money rather than look after the basic needs to its citizens. Which is the job of the government, to allow and help people to grow and flourish which will benefit humanity itself in the long-term.