A shooter in Belgium has opened fire in what is suspected to be an Islamic State terrorist attack targeting the police. He killed two female police officers and a civilian, in addition to injuring a further four police officers, before being killed by the cops. On Monday, the shooter was released from prison, where had been doing time for drug-related charges, on a temporary basis and it is being assumed that he was radicalised while on the inside.

As it turns out, the shooter had already been on a police “watchlist” for having some Islamic extremists in his address book anyway.

Since early 2015, actually, the whole country of Belgium has been on high alert for terrorism. That’s why the police have been on the lookout for anyone with potential links to Islamist sources.

Shooter is thought to belong to an ‘entourage’ of terrorists

According to one source close to the case, the shooter who carried out yesterday’s attack was thought to have been a part of “the entourage of an Islamist recruiter.” The source did not disclose whether the terrorist was the Turtle or the Johnny Drama of this entourage, but he certainly wasn’t the Vince. So, they suspected that he had been radicalised in prison and belonged to a group of Islamist terrorists, but they let him out of prison anyway.