Joe Scarborough, the host of morning show “Morning Joe,” was riled up by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s hostile standoff with American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan (who is a black woman, by the way), because let’s face it, Spicer’s conduct was highly unprofessional and he was unnecessarily mean to the woman for asking him a simple question.

So, Scarborough sought out the opportunity to humiliate Spicer on his show and bring him down a notch. He spoke with one of his friends over at the White House (who remained nameless) and apparently Spicer is not President Donald Trump’s favourite cabinet member.

In fact, he often berates him for the mundane minutiae of how he presents himself.

‘He screamed at him for wearing a light suit’

The way Scarborough describes it, Trump talking to Spicer is like the scene in “Step Brothers” at the Catalina wine mixer in which Rob Riggle tells Will Ferrell to change his face. Trump supposedly yelled at Spicer for being “too weak,” which might have been why he got red in the face talking to Ryan, losing his cool whilst defending his mean, angry boss to a woman who kept shaking her head, which he certainly did not like.

Scarborough added that after berating Spicer for his perceived weakness, Trump “screamed at him for wearing a light suit.” Imagine Spicer trying to save face as the giant baby President mocks the colour of his suit.

Ever since Trump said that back in January, Spicer has been seen wearing only black suits.

The comments about Spicer being “too weak” apparently came after his very first briefing as Press Secretary, in which he contested reporters’ facts about the number of attendees at Trump’s inauguration ceremony. He told the journalists that the most people ever turned out to see the inauguration, when actual hard photographic evidence suggests drastically otherwise.

Spicer simply said, “Period,” before storming off the podium without having answered a single question from the press.

New York Times reporter seems to have set Trump off

After Spicer’s first press conference, Maggie Haberman, who writes for The New York Times, reported that Trump wanted his Press Secretary to “be in command” and “project strength,” before adding that he “did neither.” Something clicked in Trump’s head when he read that tweet, and it sent him right to Spicer’s doorstep with a fire in his belly.

Scarborough believes that after that first briefing and the first earful from Trump, Spicer should’ve just quit and told the President, “this job is just not for me.” Oh, if only. But he’s far too entertaining for that. The world needs Spicer. He brings joy.