UK Prime Minister Theresa May is apparently reported to have suggested that the European Union’s free movement into the United Kingdom could be extended. As per online reports an “implementation” phase will help the government as well as the citizens to adjust to the new applicable rules.

Brexit means better border control for UK

The Brexit is expected to allow better border control and security to UK. Uk Pm Theresa May as per online reports have claimed that even post the implementation phase, the immigration policies will be controlled by the government.

What the future immigration policy will look like is still a huge question mark but it will definitely be safer as it will be under UK’s control completely.

Transitional phase might last for a total of three years

Reports have suggested that this transitional phase might last over three years post which the EU migration to UK will be slashed down tremendously. It is natural for British citizens to feel anxious as no concrete plan as to the future relationship and future partnership between the Brexit countries is developed as yet and also the transitional phase needs much more detailing than that’s done currently for all citizens to be at peace with the exit.

The Saudi Arabia tour for future development

The UK Prime Minister is currently on a Saudi Arabia trip that aims to develop post Brexit deals for UK. While she is being criticised for the visit, she is reported to bring in investment from the oil rich nation. Her three day Middle East tour will thus improve chances of foreign investment for UK or at least that is what the tour is expected to result into.

It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia is Britain's biggest trading partner in middle east with exports worth millions of Euros being shipped every year. She also has a four senior member team looking after the Brexit negotiations and more. The committee is chaired by UK PM Theresa May herself and is expected to meet regularly to discuss matters relating to Brexit and UK's development in the process.