In his statement at PM Q's and in his article for The Guardian Jeremy Corbyn has refused to say the Russian Government is behind the awful attack on the Skripals. He said more evidence was needed to say Putin did it. The attack has left both father and daughter in a terrible state. Latest findings according to British Intelligence said Novichok was planted in Yulia Scripals luggage before she left Russia.

Mr. Corbyn acknowledged that the evidence points to Russia. He mentioned that the Russian Mafia may have had a hand in it. Not surprising really when Russian criminals and the government apparently operate hand in hand.

Another theory espoused by Mr. Corbyn is that rogue elements in the Russian government carried it out perhaps without the knowledge of Mr. Putin. Mr. Corbyn has advised caution to give security forces more time to conclude their investigations and give their opinion of who exactly did this.

It is understandable why everyone in parliament including Mr. Corbyn's own ministers like Keir Starmer would be quick to judge that Putin was the man responsible. Mr. Corbyn though has come under attack both from his own party and the Tories for his cautiousness over blaming Russia.

The UK gets backing from allies

Theresa May may have felt the UK was standing alone in its face off with Russia. NATO Allies like the US, Germany, and France are however standing with her.

The motto of NATO is when one is attacked, all are attacked and so come to the aid of the injured party, in this case, the UK.

The UK has set in train a series of responses for the chemical attack upon the Skripals. One of the biggest is the throwing out of 23 Russian Diplomats who, according to Theresa May, have a week to pack their bags.

Other measures may include the freezing of Russian assets in the UK. Mr. Putin was shown yesterday having a meeting with his cabinet to discuss measures to counter the British action.

On 'Question Time' last night some have accused Mrs. May of using the chemical attack as a smokescreen to divert attention from Brexit. Probably this is not the case, however, when it comes to conspiracy theories which may or not be true anything is possible.

Mr. Putin remains a threat

It is almost inconceivable that Vladimir Putin will lose the election on Sunday. Any major opposition has been dealt with. Could Putin have staged this attack to make his country look like a victim as western nations gang up on him? Well, in the past Putin has painted his nation as a victim of western aggression and this seems to have worked to shore up his regime. Others though have asked if Putin could be stupid enough to do this, as Russia hosts the World Cup this year?

Russia's alleged interference in the American election, its actions in Ukraine and Syria plus other hostile acts proves Russia is a dangerous adversary. What the future will hold for relations between the West and Russia can only be speculated on.